The Price of Oil Set to Rise – Fill Your Tanks Now

The energy watchdog has said that now is the time to buy your heating oil.  During the winter the cost of domestic oil is expected to rise dramatically. Therefore if you don’t want to get stung call your supplier and fill up your oil tank to ensure you have enough to last you throughout the cold season.

William Baker, the head of Fuel Poverty at Customer Focus, said that their message to consumers was to buy as early as possible.  The reason behind the warning is due to the past trend that sees the prices spike during colder months.  The price increase can lead to serious financial problems for many households and buying early can help to relieve the pressure on the bank balance.

Find the Lowest Delivery Cost and Save More

It is advisable not to leave ordering to the last minute as not only will the cost of oil be higher, you risk having a delay in the delivery due to bad weather. Last year the unexpected bad weather saw many homes without heat until the suppliers were able to catch up with the backlog.  Customer Focus has also advised consumers to ask for several quotes in order to find the lowest delivery costs.  The prices can vary dramatically between suppliers so shop carefully to avoid paying more than you need to.

Buying in Bulk to Save Money

If you only have a small tank it may be worth investing in a larger one that can hold more heating oil and is able to last longer without refilling. Buying in bulk is a good way of reducing the frequency of having to refill, risking the higher prices throughout the season.  If your tank is in need of replacing we can help here at Tuffa Tanks.

Contact us on: 01889 567700 to discuss upgrading your tank, or purchasing one with a larger storage capacity.

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