The “Tuffa FireStop” Fire Protected Tank Range

Fire Protected Oil Tanks

The Tuffa FireStop is Tuffa’s patented product range of Oil Tanks fitted with integrally fitted Fire Protection. They come available with 30 or 60 minute Fire Protection to suit Domestic or Commercial applications, and are available in a variety of sizes from 1350 litres up to 15000 litres – check out the FP Bunded Tank Range for all the plastic models.

Tuffa also manufacture Steel Fire Protected Oil Tanks which can be fitted with Fire Protection, ideal when the Plastic tanks aren’t quite the right dimensions for you. Tuffa are able to accommodate any customer requirements, and can manufacture bespoke steel tanks if required.

Find out more about the Tuffa FireStop or call the Tuffa sales team on 01889 567700.

Tuffa Fire Stop

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