“A Top Service Provided By Tuffa Throughout”

A Tuffa Steel Fire Protected Oil Tank was the ideal solution for a recent domestic client located in Leicestershire. The tank purchased was a 1100SBFP/30 which was manufactured to suit the customer application and measured up at 1250mm (L) x 1250mm (W) x 1250mm (H) perfect for the constricted space available.

From the initial enquiry through to the installation of the oil tank, the client offers an insight in to his journey with Tuffa Tanks.

The tank journey through the eyes of the client:

“I had been searching for a solution for a new oil tank to replace our old single skinned tank for a few years. Due to the small size of our garden and the tank proximity to the house and the boundary, to comply with current building regulations, the only options I’d identified involved either building a fire wall next to the house or placing the tank in the middle of the garden. Neither were an attractive option.
I contacted Tuffa after seeing a post on their Facebook page where they had solved a similar problem recently. Amy at Tuffa was confident they could help me and agreed to come up with a costed proposal. The bespoke fire protected bunded tank was designed specifically for the space available, even down to the offset position of the oil outlet pipe.
Delivery went extremely smoothly, with the tank being craned in from the main road, and within a couple of hours my installer Andy had the tank connected, oil in the tank and the boiler working.
All in all a top service provided by Tuffa throughout.”
Do you have a similar scenario that requires a Fire Protected Oil Tank in order to comply with current Building Regulations? Call us now on 01889567700 or email us for advice.


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