Tuffa 10000SBFS Bunded Steel Diesel Tank for Builders Merchant


Another custom made bunded steel diesel tank was required for a Builders Merchant up in Berwickshire this month. A 10000 litre bunded storage tank was sought after with equipment suitable to service a fleet of vehicles which would create both savings in money and time for the company.

The diesel tank was equipped with a heavy duty retractable hose reel, fuel management system with a total of 30 keys to suit the client and a lockable security cabinet fitted to the length of the tank. The fuel management system is an entry level fuel management system for single pump control called the DCD Direct ‘Fleetfueller Tec1’ system supplied by DCD Direct. This system was a specific requirement of the client.

The Tank dimensions came in at 3660mm (L) x 1830mm (W) X 1830mm (H) excluding the cabinet. Cabinets are fitted to the width of the tank as standard, but in this instance was fitted to the length due to the desired end positioning of the tank on site.

For more details on a standard and custom range of tanks, you can contact us by phone on 01889567700, email [email protected] or live web chat on our website.

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