Tuffa Fuel Station proves reliability with manufacturers Mueller Europe

Mueller Europe are a subsidiary of Mueller Industries, a century-old manufacturing industry which distributes high-quality copper tubes throughout the world. Our customers in the plumbing and heating industry have doubtless used the products of their Wednesbury Tube and Yorkshire Copper tube brands.

Barry Hipkiss, the Cast Supervisor at Mueller Europe headquarters in the West Midlands, explained that they have been a Tuffa customer for the past 20 years when they purchased their first 10,000 litre plastic bunded diesel tank. The old tank faithfully served the Mueller team for two decades before the bund was damaged by contractors during moving. With a fleet of thirteen vehicles to fuel, including excavator grab handlers and forklift trucks, Mueller were once again in the market for a new diesel tank.

The timing for the new tank also coincided with legislation changes which meant the company could no longer use red diesel. As we recently reported on in our Red Diesel Duty Changes article, access to rebated diesel has been withdrawn from industries such as manufacturing from the beginning of April. While this doesn’t necessarily mean a new tank is a requirement, it does provide an opportunity to start afresh with a new tank which does not contain the dye found in red diesel, or the diesel bug which builds up over time and is exacerbated by the high FAME biodiesel content found in the rebated fuel.

After contacting the Tuffa sales team Barry decided to purchase another Tuffa 10,000 litre plastic bunded diesel tank which comes with a high-specification as standard including a reliable European pump, 6m delivery hose, 10 micron water & particulate filter and an FMS contents gauge and bund alarm. While Mueller could have purchased a higher capacity tank and had a variety of options to choose from such as a fuel management, 12/24V pumps and higher flow rates, these weren’t necessary as Barry wanted to replicate the previous tank which was already perfect capacity for their 5000L per month usage.

We arranged for a swift delivery of the replacement tank which offered a simple installation in the same location as the previous fuel station. Catching up with Barry, he explained why they chose Tuffa again to fuel their fleet:

“The product is brilliant and the service has always been great. We’ve had the old Tuffa tank since around the year 2000 and it’s proven its reliability over that time and would have kept going if it was for the knock to the bund. Whenever we’ve had to replace a hose, bracket or anything else Tuffa have always been quick and happy to help.”

With a design life of 20 years or more and a 10 year warranty, we’re confident that the new 10,000 litre tank will prove as reliable as Mueller’s previous Tuffa tank. With an increasing focus on greener fuels within the industry, Mueller can also rest assured that our tanks are fully compatible with HVO and HVO blends.

For more information about HVO check out our Expert Guide to HVO Fuel Tanks. Or, you can browse our diesel tank range online and enquire about prices on the form below or the Contact page.

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