Tuffa launches mobile fuel tank range

Cemo tank on site

Tuffa UK now stocks a new range of ADR approved Mobile Fuel Tanks from the respected German manufacturer, Cemo.Cemo tank on site


Cemo has been manufacturing for nearly 70 years and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their product range. Tuffa UK is now partnering with Cemo to provide more choice for our customers and offer smaller capacity mobile storage tanks.


We are delighted to feature a selection of their Mobile Fuel tanks that enable you to transport petrol and diesel on the road while remaining ADR compliant. (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.)


German build quality, Tuffa Customer Service!

DT-mobile easy
The DT-mobile easy

The product range bears all the hallmarks of German build-quality and is designed with the end-user in mind. The tanks are supplied with pumps, nozzles and hoses with a choice of options. We are offering mobile tanks for petrol, diesel and a combination of diesel and AdBlue® in a range of standard capacities form 90 – 850 litres.

The Cemo Mobile Fuel Tanks complement our range of larger capacity Tuffa Tanks making us your complete liquid storage partner.

Tuffa UK General Manager, James Shenton is pleased with the new partnership. “Just like Tuffa UK, Cemo has a reputation for producing well-designed, quality products,” he said. “Our aim is to become your trusted partner for all your storage requirements, and this selection of mobile tanks offers a smaller capacity storage option that we don’t manufacture,” he added.

Cemo’s UK Country Manager, Geoff Miller agreed. “We like to work with reputable, professional distributors, and Tuffa is highly respected within the UK. Tuffa Tanks are a guarantee of quality, and I am delighted that our tanks now form part of their product range,” he said.

You’ll find more details of the mobile tanks in our bunded diesel tanks and petrol tank product categories.

You can contact us here or call Dee, Amy or Mike on 01889 567700 for more information and prices.