Tuffa Pair Take On The Bridgnorth Walk 2014

Bridgnorth Walk 2014

On Monday 26th May 2014, two members of the Tuffa Team, Sophie and Charlie took part in the grueling 22-mile Bridgnorth Walk to Brown Clee Hill – the highest peak in the West Midlands at 1,772 feet high. Despite injuries, and blistered feet, both Tuffa members successfully completed the challenge in just over 6 hours.

Lots of money was raised during the event for a variety of different causes, and more information can be found on the event website: http://www.bridgnorthwalk.org/ and race finish results will be published soon.

02/06/14 UPDATE – more than £107,000 has been raised so far!


Almost 600 walkers took part in the race, with the Tuffa pair finishing in the following positions (http://www.bridgnorthwalk.org/BNW_stats_Snr_2014.pdf):

362nd – Sophie

369th – Charlie

Well done Team!

Bridgnorth Walk 2014 (2)  Bridgnorth Walk 2014 (4) Bridgnorth Walk 2014

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