Tuffa & REDS set the Gold Standard for MOD installations

With specialist teams dedicated to tank decommissioning, environmental response and management, flood defence, and everything related to the storage of oils and hazardous materials, there are as many branches to REDS Group as there are on a redwood tree. They stand just as tall too, with a strong reputation within the industry for high standards and professionalism.

Since being old enough to drink in a pub REDS Group’s Senior Site Manager Ash Bithell has been building petrol stations – in fact, he now works in the fuel industry because he was drinking in the pub and one of the “old boys” introduced him to the sector. Initially, Ash worked for Shell and BP, then moved onto the supermarket chains, and finally the “more interesting and varied” private sector.

MODernising the Motor Transport Filling Station

On such a construction, REDS group were called in to replace a very old Motor Transport Filling station (MTFI) at a MOD site. The MTFI consisted of seven 15,000 litre below ground fuel tanks which had fallen into a state of disrepair over time and risked a large-scale oil leak on the site. Following Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) procedures, Ash and his team set about decommissioning the old tanks. These were then replaced with two above-ground dual-compartment tanks storing white and red diesel; A 36,000 litre tank as the primary source of fuel and a backup 16,000 litre tank made to ensure the MOD does not suffer from downtime caused by a lack of fuel. Above ground fuel tanks were specified for the site due to the comparative ease in which they can be inspected, maintained, and signs of leakage rectified.

Since the installation of the MOD’s underground tanks, SCR technology has become a common method for reducing emissions to meet Euro Standards. With many of the MOD’s modern fleet of vehicles – including Land Rovers, pick-up trucks and people carriers – using SCR technology, AdBlue storage and dispensing was also required at the site. Tuffa Tanks have been working with REDS Group for the past few years, manufacturing bespoke and standard tanks for unique installations, some of which are installed at government sites such as the RAF and MOD. Requiring only a simple but sturdy AdBlue holding tank, Ash knew that Tuffa Tanks would make short work of the job.

Red and blues at the MOD

After receiving REDS Group’s order and with the MOD needing a quick turnaround, the Tuffa team set about manufacturing a the AdBlue tank. Like Tuffa’s diesel tanks, our AdBlue tank range is available in capacities from 1,350 to 15,000 litres and typically contains a primary holding tank with the dispensing equipment housed within the bund. The option of 12/24V dispensing on our smaller tanks means that you get a forecourt-style AdBlue dispensing tank which works ‘straight out of the box’ requiring only a solid base. For this construction REDS Group required a simple, small-capacity bunded AdBlue tank with modest modifications to fit with the new dispensing towers. We recommended our 2,500 litre AdBlue tank with a 1” stainless steel top suction outlet with foot valve and ball valve, manual float level gauge, and lockable flip lid.

With the hazardous tanks decommissioned, the site levelled off and a new concrete base laid down, Ash and his team set to work installing the two dual compartment tanks, AdBlue tank, dispensing towers and even an air & water machine. Krispy Kreme doughnuts aside, the modernised MTFI now rivals any supermarket forecourt. We caught up with Ash after the installation to obtain feedback about his experience with Tuffa and our AdBlue tank: “The customer service from Tuffa was spot-on as always. There were several awkward customisations required to adapt the tank to fit with the dispensing tower but nothing was too much trouble and Tuffa manufactured a quality tank within our timescales. The tank is great, and we’ve even had compliments from our customer on how smart they look.”

Tuffa’s 2,500 litre AdBlue tank is now fully operational and helping to reduce the MOD’s emissions. In another instance of preparing for all eventualities, the MOD has ordered a second 2,500 litre Tuffa AdBlue tank to ensure a constant supply of DEF at the MOD site. Once again, REDS Group and Tuffa will be teaming up to set the ‘gold standard’ for bulk liquid storage and dispensing.

We have over 30 years’ experience manufacturing bulk liquid storage tanks and work with some of the biggest national and international AdBlue suppliers. Browse our AdBlue holding and dispensing tanksor contact us directly for a quote by calling 01889 567700 emailing [email protected] or using the online enquiry form below.

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