Tuffa steel diesel tank fuels Pilgrim’s progress!

Tuffa UK has supplied a giant 80,000 litre steel bunded fuel tank with a 10,000 litre plastic AdBlue tank to Lincolnshire based food wholesaler, Pilgrim Foodservice. 

Pilgrim Foodservice is one of the UK’s leading food wholesale supply companies. They stock over 4,000 food product lines, supplying over 3,500 clients including universities, hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, catering companies, cafés and many more throughout the UK. They have a fleet of fifty-seven LGVs and three 3.5 tonnes vehicles, using over 15,000 litres of diesel per week. In addition, the fleet has an AdBlue and gas oil requirement.

Pilgrim Foodservice required a bulk diesel and AdBlue storage solution with separate twin station fuelling lanes. They operated a 36,000 litre diesel fuel station with a 2,500 AdBlue tank. Fleet Manager, Chris Gilbert explained the upgrade. “The objective was to increase bulk storage capacity to purchase diesel and AdBlue more efficiently reducing the frequency of our fills, whilst at the same time streamlining the efficiency of the nightly re-fuelling of our fleet as the drivers returned to base,” he said.

Pilgrim Foodservice had previously worked with Tuffa UK to manufacture steel fuel tanks, so commissioned us to produce an 80,000 litre steel holding tank together with a 10,000 litre plastic AdBlue tank.

The holding tanks would be used to bulk store the fuel, which would be piped 20 metres under the refuelling area to six dual pumps with a twin lane fuelling drive through, dispensing Derv (white diesel), Gas Oil (red diesel) and AdBlue.

The 80,000 litre tank stores diesel for Pilgrim's fleet of 60 vehicles
The 80,000 litre tank stores diesel for Pilgrim’s fleet of 60 vehicles

State of the art fuel management

The fuel system was designed and installed by Forecourt Installation Services utilising a KPS secondary contained pipe system for Diesel/Gas oil and Durapipe PLX Blue for the AdBlue, monitored by a class one overpressure leak detection system with OLE tank gauging equipment. In addition, the installation featured six Hytek Alpha dispensers controlled by a Fuel-Link ST management system.

The existing 36,000 litre diesel tank was retained and converted to gas oil to feed our new installation with a tank clean completed before commissioning.

The high tech installation incorporates a state of art VINIE fuel management system. VINIE is the first of its kind allowing automatic vehicle identification, odometer transfer and vehicle fuel tank levels to be integrated with our on site fuel management system (FMS). Using blue-tooth technology, VINIE connects directly to the vehicle, enabling the fleet management team to accurately transfer the vehicle’s identification, odometer data and fuel tank levels into our fuel management system.

The odometer and fuel tank levels come directly from the CAN to ensure accurate readings. VINIE is a versatile system offering different variation and mounting options, giving our customer an alternative that best suits their fleet.

The bespoke steel diesel tank was designed to Pilgrim Foodservice’s specific requirements. It featured a secure fill cabinet with roller shutter door, 3″ fill connection with 2″ gauge. A 600mm manway inspection was built into the top of the tank which was also supplied with overfill valve and high/low bund alarm.

The 10,000 litre AdBlue tank was roto-moulded in Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE). It features a 2″ TODO type fill coupling with a screened vent and sub pump terminating in a lockable cabinet complete with “Y” filter and 240v ball valve.

After a 12 week manufacturing process the tank was spray painted and finished with the cabinet, then delivered to site to coincide with a crane off load in April 2018.

The steel diesel tank being lowered into position by crane on site
The steel diesel tank being lowered into position by crane on site

The installation was fully completed with initial works starting in early April 2018 which allowed the site to maintain refuelling operation throughout the installation process.

Fleet Manager, Chris Gilbert again: “The AdBlue tank’s increased capacity was specified to enable us to upgrade the fleet, de-commissioning and replacing older diesel vehicles with newer models that used AdBlue, thus reducing harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions and impact on the environment.”

Blue Sky thinking

The AdBlue tank was in blue plastic, with the steel diesel tank also sprayed blue to tone in and blend into the skyline. Both tanks were bunded with the outer bund at 110% of the inner tank capacity to prevent overfill and maximise secondary containment to help protect the local environment from spills.

The steel diesel tank and 10,000 litre AdBlue tank in position at Pilgrim Foodservices
The steel diesel tank and 10,000 litre AdBlue tank in position at Pilgrim Foodservices

The remote monitoring allows the client to check fuel levels, but the system also features a manual test facility as a back-up.

Pilgrim Fleet Manager, Chris Gilbert was pleased with the result. “We have the opportunity to buy fuel better and store in bulk. The fuel management system (FMS) provides us with accurate and real-time data and the twin lane fuelling stations have increased efficiency enabling the daily re-fuelling time to be halved.”

Tuffa UK General Manager, James Shenton was also pleased with another successful bespoke project. “We can offer a one-stop-shop solution for our transport clients,” he said. “We look after the entire project from design and build, to fitting dispensing gear and can also arrange a full delivery and installation service working with reliable partners like Forecourt Installation Services.”

You can find out more about our bespoke tanks here, or call Dee, Amy or Mike in our sales team on 01889 567700 for technical and price enquiries.

Lee, Martin, Andy, Callum and Radim (l-r). The Tuffa steel crew with the 80,000 litre steel tank
Lee, Martin, Andy, Callum and Radim (l-r). The Tuffa steel crew with the 80,000 litre steel tank

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