Tuffa Steel Tanks supplied to underground London car park

Tuffa Steel Tanks - Underground London Car Park

Tuffa recently manufactured and supplied two bulk steel tanks and two smaller 1800SB steel bunded day tanks to an underground car park located in London.

The day tanks would be connected up to a corresponding bulk storage tank and the tanks would be connected; the day tank ensuring that the bulk tank is constantly running with fuel. The tanks would be utilised as back ups to power generators.

The two 43,000 litre single skin steel tanks were fitted with copious internal bracing so as to assist the manoeuvre of the tank to its final resting position underground. The images below show the complexity of the positioning.

Each 43,000 litre tank was fitted with additional bracing to provide extra strength, and measured up at 11850mm (L) x 1900mm (W) x 1900mm (H).

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