Tuffa Tank Review

Good Housekeeping, Tank Filling & Maintenance

With the continual site risks of employee health & safety, the Easifill range of TUFFA tanks has provided popular with tanker drivers (and employers) in the ease of ground level filling of the tanks, with little risk of falls or slipping. On the larger range of Easifill tanks a new design is now available with a modified lid arrangement to enable even easier access for any maintenance or servicing with a manhole of 600mm, the minimum legal requirement for access into confined spaces.

Tanks for all budgets

As the pioneer of the first economy tank, the success of this range of tanks has been phenomenal, and TUFFA are introducing a further enhanced range which will enable the company to make the product more competitive whilst providing the quality our customers expect from us


A new FMS tank monitoring system is nearing completion which will give customers an ‘all singing all dancing’ tank level and fuel monitoring system including theft control. This intricate piece of equipment has been in development for some time now due to it’s complexity and variety of uses.

The issues of today

Whilst increasing its sales and customer share, the continued rise in raw materials and manufacturing costs causes relentless pressure in today’s economic climate whilst trying to maintain a competitive edge and a good product, but there is no point in being a busy fool!

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