TUFFA Tanks; A Family Run Business

There are many things making Tuffa one better than the rest. Tuffa Tanks are not the UK’s Number 1 Tank Manufacturer for just no reason at all!

A family run business of around 30 employees, comprising of both office and production staff, Tuffa offer a friendly and reliable personable service that is second to none.

The Shenton family built up and run TUFFA TANKS for over 25 years, and have created a successful tank manufacturing company, of both premium quality Plastic and Steel tanks, and have designed and provided innovative solutions to the Industry during this time.

Tuffa are extremely proud to give the following key benefits:

* Innovative in Design & Technology * Personable, Friendly Service Provided * All UK Manufacture * Customisable Production Schemes * Product Orientated in order to adapt to Customer & Market requirements * Fast Lead Times & Delivery Times * User Friendly Equipment * Centrally Located for Express Delivery Service * Competitive Prices * Only Premium Quality Equipment Fitted * Excellent Technical Expert Advice on Hand * Innovative Workforce *

TUFFA Tanks would like to present to you the Shenton family below, from left to right, James, Daniel, Jackie, Kerry, Jason and Robert. 

Tuffa Family Photo

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