Tuffa Tanks Blog: Weekly Round Up – 08 March 2013

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OilTankBlog; Choosing the best Oil Tank

There are several factors worth considering when deciding on the best Oil Tank for you. Tank quality, the equipment being fitted, gauging requirements, the security aspect, price and the location of the tank. These are all key to deciding on which tank is best for you. If you want to view the range of Tuffa Tanks, browse the Tuffa Oil Tanks section of the website.

OilTankBlog; Chemical Storage – what to consider

When it comes to storing your chemicals, there are lots of aspects to consider:

– What chemical are you looking to store?

– What is the concentration of the chemical you are looking to store, and do you have a Material Data Sheet for this?

– Is the product compatible with a Tuffa Tank?

– Are the fittings, fill point, outlets etc suitable for this chemical (i.e. they will not corrode)?

– How will I safely dispense the chemical from the tank? Do you require a pump and dispensing equipment?

– Are there any other things to consider?

Our products include rotationally moulded plastic tanks, mild steel and stainless steel, combination material tanks and tank linings. Our bespoke concept allows us to tailor make tanks for the particular storage characteristics of the product to take into account chemical resistance, temperature requirements and site conditions. Other advantages of the TUFFA UK
systems are our ability to provide added options where security, vandalism or hazardous precautions may be required.

Whether you have thought about the above questions or not, the Tuffa Technical Department are at hand to discuss your requirements with you giving you complete confidence in providing you with the ideal chemical storage solution.

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