Tuffa Tanks deliver ‘flawless’ fuelling to Floors Direct

Floors Direct, based in Birmingham, are one of the UK’s most successful hard flooring retailers. Due to a sudden excess of time, many homeowners have turned their attention to DIY and the industry business is booming. Every day the flooring fanatics deliver tonnes of laminate, solid wood, engineered wood and LVT daily to customers nationwide. Floors Direct are now operating an increasingly large fleet of vehicles to cope with the demand and using company fuel cards has become less feasible leading the company to research more cost-effective and convenient fuelling solutions. To get a better understanding of the benefits of onsite diesel storage, they contacted their local fuel suppliers: Birmingham Fuel Oils.

A family-run business with a strong reputation for low prices and reliability, Birmingham Fuel Oils has supplied fuel to the surrounding area for more than 20 years. After a call to Birmingham Fuel Oil’s Depot Manager James, Floors Direct decided to purchased two Tuffa’s 2500 litre bunded diesel dispensing tanks.

With the tanks quickly sited by Birmingham Fuel Oils and the electric cables connected, we caught up with James to get a little feedback about the tanks and what they were being used for. One of the 2,500 litre tanks is located on the yard and being used to store and dispense white diesel to fuel the fleet of delivery vans, saving money by bulk-buying and the drivers’ time spent locating busy forecourts.

The other 2500 litre tank is being used for the factory’s forklift trucks. Using a bunded diesel storage tank for red diesel, rather than IBCs or canisters, allows Floors Direct to take advantage of lower fuel costs. The integrated dispensing equipment also makes fuelling the forklifts quicker and more efficient with reduced risk of leaks or spills. To tackle the issue of water in diesel and subsequent diesel bug – an increasingly common issue with the amount of biodiesel being blended into fuel, particularly red diesel – all of our diesel tanks are fitted with a 10 micron water and particulate filter as standard.

The end result is a ‘flawless’ fuelling system for Floors Direct Ltd which will keep them on the road for years to come. As James stated:

“Floors Direct get a sturdy tank at a very good price and can throw away the old fuel cards. They will also keep on saving money for every fuel drop we deliver. It’s a win-win all round.”

If you need a plastic or steel diesel tank and would like advice or a quote please browse our bunded diesel tanks, or contact our Sales team by emailing [email protected], calling 01889 567700 or completing the contact form below. You can also find out more about diesel storage in our expert guide to diesel tanks.

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