Tuffa Tanks Down Under

Tuffa 2500 diesel tanks

Tuffa UK has delivered two bunded diesel tanks to a new trading partner in New Zealand.

Red Stag Trading Ltd is based in Blenheim, on the north eastern coast of South Island, New Zealand. It is about 150 miles north of Christchurch and 45 miles from Wellington in North Island, a ferry ride across the Cook Straits.

Red Stag HQ

The company is owned and run by Mick Doherty, originally from Ireland but having lived in Ipswich. Mick emigrated to New Zealand and now imports a selection of vehicles and trailers from around the world. Red Stag brings Indespension trailers from the UK into New Zealand, and were looking for other British made products they could add to their shipping container.

Tuffa Mick Doherty

Personal Service

Red Stag’s Mick Doherty takes up the story: “We wanted products that we could mix with our Indespension trailers. We felt that diesel storage tanks would complement our existing products and found the Tuffa Tanks web site.  Being well established and offering a quality product was one of the main selling points for us. With Brexit on the horizon I figured there may be a few UK companies looking for new markets for their products, so we focused our search on industrial market-leading manufacturers.”

Mick contacted Dee in our sales team, and struck up an immediate rapport, despite the difficulties of the time difference. “Most of our correspondence was by email,” Mick said, “but even though we didn’t speak that often, it was clear that Dee and the Tuffa team understood what we were looking for and were happy to help us, in both supply and promotion of the product. We got a long-distance personal service!” he joked.

Half a world away

The order for two 2500 litre plastic bunded diesel tanks was placed, with the tanks manufactured and ready for despatch by early June. Tuffa transported the tanks down to the docks at Felixstowe where they were loaded onto the Red Stag container with the trailers. The shipping route to New Zealand is just over 11,600 miles and after a journey of about 10 weeks, the Tuffa tanks docked on the other side of the world.

The diesel tanks arrived at Red Stag HQ in Blenheim on 4th September, with Mick and his team getting to work on adapting the product for New Zealand’s remote and rugged terrain. Mick Doherty explained: “We have designed a remote power pack to allow power to the pump via a deep cycle battery and inverter which is charged via a small solar panel.  This is all mounted to a single steel pole which has the 16A caravan socket and switch on it.”

Tuffa 2500 diesel tanks

British Build-Quality

One of the key factors in Red Stag deciding to work with Tuffa UK was down to build-quality. Tuffa Tanks are “bunded” with the outer bund produced at a minimum of 110% of the capacity of the inner tank. This helps to prevent a spill from the inner tank, protecting the environment and complying with all UK regulations on Secondary Containment. We use premium quality materials and equipment, with the plastic fuel storage tanks being UV Stabilised to protect against weather corrosion with design features to prevent overfilling. With regular routine maintenance, a Tuffa Tank will provide a serviceable life in excess of 20 years.

Tuffa UK in NZ

Mick Doherty explained that this high-specification is still quite unusual in New Zealand. “The bunded spec is not new here but it is still quite rare to see them.  Most tanks are single skinned and on legs to allow gravity feed of diesel.  With a greater focus on the potential environmental impact of a spill, we believe that demand will be high for Tuffa’s bunded liquid storage tanks”, he added.

Red Stag have had a positive response to the Tuffa Tanks and are already planning to expand their stock with more orders for 2019. “Other products we will be keen to offer are the fire-protected tanks and AdBlue tanks.  The 2500 size seems to be the best for shipping as we can get 4 into a 40ft container.  We may be interested in the effluent tanks to pack out the containers too,” Mick said.

Tuffa UK’s Senior Sales Advisor, Dee Boulton was delighted to be working with another overseas trade partner. “We are really excited to be working with Red Stag. We have a number of European trade customers”, she said “and are always ready to support potential new partners at home or abroad. We’ve met with similar companies in Europe and South America and can help with shipping and promotion in new markets. We’re thrilled that Tuffa Tanks are now available in New Zealand,” she added.

If you would like to become a UK or overseas re-seller or distributor of Tuffa Tanks, please call Dee on 01889 567700 or click here to find out more.

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