Tuffa Tanks… tough enough for colder climates

Tuffa Tank

Tuffa Tanks certainly lives up to its ‘Tuff’ name. Our tanks are hard-standing, tough and durable thus they are strong enough to withstand even the coldest of temperatures.

The image here shows a Tuffa 6000VBFS Diesel Tank clearly submerged in snow. The photograph was sent in by a Tuffa client in the Baltic regions, a place where its colder months are reach as low as – 22 to -3°C, but can you guess where?

This 6000 litre diesel dispensing tank was kitted out with a temperature control unit which would keep the temperature of the liquid inside the tank constant so that whatever the weather the fuel wasn’t at risk from freezing when temperatures reached minus figures.

You can’t and won’t get much tougher than a Tuffa Tank!

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