Tuffa UK Collaborates With JJL Design & Build Ltd

Tuffa UK has collaborated with another Uttoxeter based company, JJL Design and Build Ltd to supply a massive triple compartment 62,500 litre bespoke steel tank to international logistics giant, Kuehne + Nagel.

Kuehne + Nagel was established in Bremen, Germany over 125 years ago, and is now one of the world’s leading logistics providers with 1,300 offices in over 100 countries employing around 76,000 staff.

Sent to Coventry

Staffordshire based JJL Design & Build Ltd is a full turnkey design and construction project management company which has been a preferred supplier of Kuehne + Nagel for over 10 years. JJL Director, Lloyd Hopkinson told us more: “We have worked with K + N on several projects over the years and were delighted to win the contract to design and build their new 380,000 square foot distribution centre in Coventry” he said.

The project involved storage, warehousing and office space, with a requirement for a fuel island to keep the Kuehne & Nagel fleet moving.

Tuffa than the rest

Lloyd Hopkinson again: “When it came to the fuel storage, we needed a bulk capacity bunded steel tank. We invited Tuffa UK Limited, another Uttoxeter based company, to tender for the project. We have worked with Tuffa on a number of projects and we built their new steel workshop at their factory,” he said.

Tuffa UK has over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing bulk liquid storage tanks, and designed a bespoke 62,500 litre bunded steel triple compartment tank that met the exact requirements of Kuehne + Nagel.

Red, white and blue tank

The three compartments allowed the storage of 50,000 litres of diesel, 10,000 litres of red diesel and 2,500 litres of AdBlue®. The design also incorporated a separate compartment to be used as a fuel drum storage area at the back of the tank. The white diesel is obviously the main fuel requirement while the red diesel is used for fork lifts and to shunt other plant around the huge site. The AdBlue® supplement is used by all vehicles on site.

The triple compartment white diesel, red diesel and AdBlue® tank on site at Kuehne + Nagel, Coventry
The triple compartment white diesel, red diesel and AdBlue® tank on site at Kuehne + Nagel, Coventry

Experience in the tank

Tuffa UK General Manager James Shenton takes up the story of the build. “We knew we had to design a tank to perform a number of functions and that we were in a competitive tender situation. Fortunately, we have considerable experience in this type of project, having produced bespoke steel tanks for a range of clients across various industries including hospitals, transport operators and even The Bank of England,” he explained.

“We have detailed knowledge of the fuel and AdBlue® market, building different types of storage and dispensing tanks for different clients. We produce bunded diesel, AdBlue® and dual compartment tanks in roto-moulded plastic or steel, with capacities ranging from 1,350 up to 200,000 litres as a bespoke steel tank. We’ve recently introduced a new range of mild steel petrol tanks with capacities from 216 to 3,000 litres. The petrol tanks benefit from our unique patented factory-fitted fire proof material, which is available as an option on our diesel tanks.

“We’ve also designed and developed a dedicated range of tanks for a Europe-wide AdBlue® forecourt supplier, so we have considerable expertise in the fuel storage industry,” he continued.

JJL’s Lloyd Hopkinson was also pleased with Tuffa’s design and industry experience. “We were delighted with Tuffa’s triple compartment tank. Their specification was perfect for the job and we know that Tuffa’s build-quality is second to none,” he said. “On top of that, it was a very competitive design and build cost that offered our client a significant saving compared to alternative suppliers.”

Heavy Metal. The 12m x 3m, 15 tonne steel bunded tank in Tuffa’s workshop
Heavy Metal. The 12m x 3m, 15 tonne steel bunded tank in Tuffa’s workshop

Heavy Metal

The final design was an impressive 12m long, 3m across and 2.5m high and weighed in at over 15 tonnes. It featured multiple fill points, manhole inspection covers with 3 separate fuel monitoring systems behind a secure roller shutter door. The tank was built by the skilled steel fabrication team at Tuffa’s Uttoxeter factory, painted in a deep Racing Green before being transported to Coventry to be installed at Kuehne + Nagel’s new distribution centre. The project was fully completed and operational by early May, an impressive turnaround given that the contract was only awarded at the beginning of December, just 6 months previously.



Winning team

Lloyd Hopkinson was pleased with the collaboration and the team getting the project completed on time and on budget. “Despite experiencing some of the worst weather conditions England has seen for many years, we are proud of our teamwork approach and that we delivered a quality build project and significant external works including the fuel island for Kuehne + Nagel in Coventry.”

Tuffa’s James Shenton was also delighted with another successful project. “At Tuffa we are more than happy to work with contractors and installers and be part of a winning team. It’s very satisfying to see a steel tank project go from design to build, then transport and installation to get the job done with our partners.”

Big green fuel machine with secure fill points and fuel monitoring
Big green fuel machine with secure fill points and fuel monitoring

If you would like to find out more our bespoke steel tanks, please call Dee, Amy or Mike at Tuffa UK Limited on 01889 567700 or contact us here. You can find out more JJL Design & Build Ltd on 01889 565553 or at www.jjldesign.co.uk.