Tuffa Water and Effluent Storage Solutions

effluent tank

Tuffa now manufacture and supply high quality accompaniments for your site welfare units ensuring that you have all the facilities you need to meet your site requirements.

British Built Effluent Tank

This high capacity 2500 litre effluent storage tank is easy to maintain and transport.

It is a septic unit designed to fit under portable cabins where mains effluent / drainage on site is not available. This tank fits perfectly underneath cabins of all descriptions.

They are an excellent waste storage tank, and these tanks can be buried or sited underneath toilet blocks, kitchens, canteens and welfare units.

Tanks are space-saving and can ideally be stored on end.

British Built Bespoke Water Bowser

The Tuffa Water Bowsers are the perfect solution for outdoor areas that may be inaccessible to larger vehicles.

This high capacity bowser is suitable for use as on sites as a water supply, where there are no mains connections available. These can provide cost effective, rapid water supply solutions to suit applications such as construction sites, festivals, event hire, greenfield sites or water supply emergencies.

The water bowser can provide all the water you need for your on site facilities. It is housed in a robust, lockable steel structure for protection against vandalism and can be moved with a standard forklift. This small and compact unit can use be painted in any corporate colour.

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