Tuffa Water Storage Tank Range

Water Storage Tanks

Tuffa Water Storage Tanks have been specifically designed for the storage of water.

We not only manufacture non-potable water tanks for Irrigation, Liquid Fertiliser, Molasses and Rainwater Harvesting, but also potable water tanks intended for human consumption and are approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

All models are rotationally moulded as a ‘one-piece’ tank, and the manufacturing process ensures maximum wall thickness at the base – where it needs it most. They come complete with a 1″ bottom outlet although larger sizes are often fitted at the request of the customer, ventilation and an inspection hatch / manway access.

The full range of single skin water storage tanks are listed below.

Model Capacity Diameter Length Width Height
1350SLW 1350L 2100 650 1250
1400VW 1400L 1210 1480
2500HW 2500L 2105 1255 1410
2500VW 2500L 1585 1780
3500VW 3500L 1594 2360
6000VW 6000L 2013 2295
10000VW 10000L 2577 2450
15000VW 15000L 2578 3390
20000VW 20000L 2900 3580

We are also able to offer rainwater harvesting systems; the types we offer are as follows:

– Domestic systems, either direct or indirect (gravity/header tank versions) including potable upgrade where appropriate.

– Garden/irrigation systems.

– Commercial systems (bespoke)

For more information or a quotation on any of the various water storage solutions that Tuffa offer, please contact our sales team: Tel: 01889 567700 | Email: [email protected]. You can also find out more about each of the water tank models on our website: https://www.tuffa.co.uk/water-tanks/

Water Storage Tanks
Water Storage Tanks



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