Tuffa Water Storage Tanks – Quality Product & Quality Service

Tuffa’s range of water storage tank solutions are available in a vast range of sizes, from 1,350 to 200,000 litres.

The 1350 litre model is popular with the Domestic Rainwater harvesters, which come complete with pump with hose pipe adaptor, tap at the bottom to dispense the rainwater, inspection hatch for visual inspection and rainwater diverter to divert the water collected from the roof to the tank.

The larger models, 3500 litres plus, tend to be popular with the Industrial and Commercial Rainwater Harvesters looking to collect enough water for on a variety of uses, e.g. crop spraying, irrigation and toilet systems.

Water is a precious resource, and we need to ensure that it is harvested as much as is physically possible. This is one reason why Tuffa strive to minimise the use of water; a crucial aim is to ensure that all activities are carried out in a sustainable way so to protect the environment we live in.


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