Tuffa’s Fuel Storage Solutions

Tuffa has launched new and improved tank specifications for its range of fuel storage tanks.

The 3500, 6000, 10000 and 15000 litre models now come fully fitted as standard with the new innovative FMS Fuel Level Monitoring, a combined unit comprising of a high accuracy contents reading gauge and overfill and bund alarm. Now you can be sure that your receive an accurate reading on a system that is second to none!

All fuel storage tanks come fully fitted with a fully stainless steel submersible pump, providing a flow rate of 60lpm approximately, digital flowmeter, 4 metres of delivery hose with the added option of increased length hose available and an automatic shut-off nozzle. Manufactured from a tough roto-moulded plastic, Tuffa’s smaller models have a fully lockable easy access flip lid, and larger models a large fully lockable cabinet with 2-door easy access.

The 1350 litre fuel station is a streamline model which will fit in the tightest of gaps and is therefore a common model for customers, but for those opting for a model of a larger capacity to aid economies of scale, the 2500HBFS (2500 litre) and 6000VBFS (6000 litre) models prove increasingly popular.

For more details on Tuffa’s Fuel Storage Solutions, or for a quotation please contact the Sales Team on 01889 567700 or  [email protected] .

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