Water Tank Discovery in Stackpole

water tank

Whilst on holiday in Tenby, our very own office manager Kerry couldn’t get away from work and on visiting a local visitor attraction – Stackpole Walled Gardens – came across this old water tank.

The water tank was probably constructed sometime after 1906. It was certainly in place in the 1930’s as it is alleged that the Head Gardener’s children swam in it. On the Northern side of the tank there was a large cast iron water pump which was used to pump water from the tank for irrigation purposes.

The tank is no longer water tight and now only holds a small amount of water. Mains water was laid to the gardens in the early 1960’s. The walls of the tank are capped with weathered limestone. Similar weathered stones were alleged to have been used by local householders in the 18th century, who placed them on their door steps. The sound of the wind blowing through the weathered holes made an eerie noise which warded off evil spirits.

water tank IMG_4301 water resevoir

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