Which Size Tank is Right for Your Home?

If you are looking into purchasing a fuel tank for your home, there will be a million questions you might have that need answering. Here, at Tuffa Tanks, we hope we can answer them for you so that you can make a purchase, safe in the knowledge that you have picked the right tank for you.

To begin with, there are a number of oil tank sizes available on our website, ranging from 1350L, all the way up to 100,000L! While the mammoth scale fuel tanks are much more suitable for businesses and large-scale operations, there are still a variety of options available to people looking for domestic use fuel tanks.

It is recommended that you choose a container that can accommodate at least 500 litres for every bedroom in your house, with a minimum tank size of 1000L. Any less than this and you will be refuelling your home as often as you are your car! It is always worth buying the largest size tank that you can afford, to make use of price dips as and when they occur; if you can afford to, it is always worth it.

Oil Tank Sizes Explained

As a general guide, we would advise that the minimum oil tank size required for the following sized homes are as follows:

  • One bedroom needs, at least, 1350L
  • Two bedrooms need, at least, 1400L
  • Three bedrooms need 1500L
  • Four bedrooms need 2000L
  • Five bedrooms need 2500L

It is also worth noting that any oil tank sizes that are over 2500L in capacity are required to be bunded, and an Environmental Risk Assessment will need to be undertaken to ensure your safety.

Why Choose Tuffa?

When it comes to choosing the right tank, you need to consider more than just the size; it is also important to choose the right manufacturer. As the number one provider of oil tanks, here at Tuffa Tanks, we are experts in our field and a name you can trust.

Choosing from our range of oil tank sizes allows you greater flexibility when it comes to fuelling your property, as well as the positioning and of course, our wonderful customer service and advice.

For more information on deciding the right oil tank size for your home, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have; we look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey. Please contact us on 01889 567700.

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