Bunded Tanks

We manufacture premium-quality bunded tanks for many sectors and uses, with a variety of capacities, shapes and ancillary equipment to choose from. Our bunded tank sizes range from 1350L to 15000L in plastic and 900L to 86000L in steel. We can also provide a custom tank to suit your individual site requirements. From agriculture to the public sector, these versatile tanks will provide a reliable storage solution for your business.


What is a bunded tank?

Bunded tanks (or double skinned tanks) are used for the safe storage of liquids and are typically required for oils stored in large quantities for commercial use. The tank is essentially made up of two layers, a tank within a tank. The inside tank holds the contents of the tank, whereas the outer tank is a secondary containment able to capture at least 110% of the inner tank’s contents. This acts as a safety net that catches any spills or leakages from the inner tank.


bunded tank

Our 1350L diesel tank showing inner tank and bund


What are bunded tanks used for?

Bunded tanks can be used in a wide variety of industries, including logistics, domestic installations, manufacturing requiring chemical processing and more. They’re extremely versatile and can hold different types of liquids, depending on the materials they’re made from.


Our plastic bunded tanks are commonly used to store fuel. They offer excellent resistance to many chemicals and withstand high levels of UV radiation, which means that they can be safely used outdoors.


Plastic bunded fuel tanks also feature a secondary containment layer that protects the wider environment from harmful spillages. This is particularly important if you’re storing chemicals that could harm the environment and people if a leak occurred.


Steel bunded tanks are most typically used in transport but are suitable for many more industries. Our steel tanks provide high resistance to corrosion and rust, providing a durable, long-lasting solution for your business.


What are the benefits of double-skinned tanks?

Double-skinned tanks offer many safety benefits over open-topped or single-skinned tanks. They minimise the risk of spillages, which could cause damage to your business, financial losses or harm people, wildlife and the environment. The secondary containment layer prevents any liquids from spilling out even if there’s a crack in the inner tank, so you don’t need to worry about costly clean-ups. Bunded tanks are often a requirement from insurance companies.


Our bunded tank range

There are countless storage solutions to choose from at Tuffa Tanks. If you can’t find what you need online, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll advise you on the best options for your needs. Our range of bunded tanks includes bunded heating oil tanks, bunded diesel tanks, bunded petrol tanks, bunded chemical tanks and more.


Plastic bunded tanks

All of our plastic tanks are manufactured from a thick, durable polyethylene material and can last over 20 years with proper care and maintenance. These come in a selection of sizes to fit on different sites. Our smaller, 1350L plastic double skinned tanks are ideal for small-scale operations or domestic use, whereas our large 10,000L+ bunded tanks are essential for businesses operating large fleets of vehicles.


Steel bunded tanks

We manufacture a selection of steel tanks to suit your needs, including bunded steel diesel tanks and oil tanks.

Similarly to our plastic tanks, our steel options come in a variety of capacities as standard, these range from 900L in size to 86000L. Can’t find the right tank for you? Call our Sales team to discuss your options.


Bunded fuel tanks

Choose from a range of bunded fuel tanks at Tuffa Tanks. We stock bunded petrol tanks which are made from a robust steel material. We also provide bunded plastic and steel diesel tanks and double skinned oil tanks.


Adblue tanks

Our Adblue®tanks come bunded as standard, providing a safe and secure storage place for your Adblue® solution. You can choose from standard holding tanks or Adblue® dispensing tanks that are fitted with high-quality ancillary equipment, allowing you to conveniently dispense Adblue® on-site.



How do I know if my oil tank is bunded?

When oil tanks leave the manufacturers they should be labelled to tell you the capacity, the fuel they are intended to store and whether they are bunded. If the label has perished over time then you should be able to identify a bunded tank by looking inside the tank’s lid, fill cap or other access points. This will visibly highlight the inner tank, if you can’t see the inner tank then the chances are it’s a single skin tank.


How much do bunded tanks cost?

Prices vary depending on the size and material of your tank. In general, you can expect to pay £1000+ for a high-quality bunded plastic or more for a steel tank.


What is an integrally-bunded tank?

This is the same as a bunded tank and essentially means it’s a tank within a tank as opposed to an externally constructed bund. These tanks feature a secondary containment that protects against leakages and spills. Due to oil storage regulations, the bund must accommodate at least 110% of the primary tanks’ contents.