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20 July 2024

Driving Savings: JJC Skip Hire’s Tuffa Tank Investment for a Greener and Leaner Fleet

In the fast-paced world of skip hire, where efficiency is paramount, Michael Cronje, the Transport Manager at JJC Skip Hire, took charge of a fleet comprising 25 skip wagons and several road sweepers. With substantial fuel consumption—nearly 20,000 litres every two weeks—optimising fueling operations became a priority for cost savings and enhanced productivity.

The Challenge: Previously operating from two separate yards and relying on fuel cards for refueling, JJC Skip Hire faced inefficiencies and increased costs due to frequent stops at slow and expensive forecourts.

The Solution: Upon relocating to a single, expansive yard, Michael seized the opportunity to redesign the site and enhance operational efficiency. Opting for onsite diesel storage and dispensing, he selected Tuffa’s 20,000-litre steel diesel dispensing tank—a strategic compromise between fuel storage capacity and site footprint.

Why Tuffa? Michael, impressed by Tuffa’s higher specifications at a competitive price, emphasized safety with the tank’s 6mm thick steel construction. The fully bunded tank offered enhanced security, crucial for the busy site, and the high-flow rate ensured swift refueling. The inclusion of a 10-meter hose provided flexibility for drivers’ convenience.

Advanced Fuel Management: To elevate control and eliminate manual errors, Michael integrated the Piusi Fuel Management System (FMS). This not only bolstered security with electronic tags but also automated notifications to fuel suppliers, ensuring timely refills and preventing fuel shortages. The tank was equipped with a high-accuracy K44 pulsed flowmeter, a 10-micron water & particulate filter, and a high-security cabinet with a roller shutter door as standard features.

Seamless Implementation: Michael praised the simplicity of tank delivery and commissioning, emphasizing the smooth process. The drivers quickly adapted to the newfound convenience, bidding farewell to frequent stops at external fuel stations.

Customer Testimonial: Reflecting on the experience, Michael commended Tuffa for their great service, with Senior Sales representative Dee providing prompt and professional responses. With the tank’s anticipated cost savings, Michael projected a swift return on investment, expecting it to pay for itself within a year.

Long-Term Investment: Backed by a 10-year guarantee and built with a 30-year design life, JJC Skip Hire’s Tuffa diesel dispensing tank is positioned as a valuable long-term investment. With compatibility for emerging biofuels like HVO, the tank aligns with future emission aims, offering sustainability beyond 2050.

In the dynamic skip hire industry, JJC Skip Hire’s strategic shift to onsite diesel storage exemplifies the pursuit of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability—all made possible through Tuffa’s innovative solutions.

For more insights into optimising fuel management and selecting the right diesel tank solution for your business, don’t hesitate to explore our expert guide to diesel tanks. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of fuel storage regulations or seeking efficiency-enhancing strategies, our comprehensive guide offers valuable resources and industry insights to help streamline your operations and maximize savings.

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