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19 May 2024

New Tuffa Petrol Tanks give Golf Club a perfect drive

Tuffa UK has just supplied one of their newly designed and produced range of Petrol Tanks to a historic Golf Club in the south-east of England.

We were fortunate to work with one of the most prestigious Golf Clubs in the country which has been established for over 120 years. It’s a long, mature parkland course that offers a real test for golfers, with a course distance of nearly 6,500 yards and a challenging par score of 71.

The club has a fleet of mowers, strimmers, utility vehicles and a sprayer to help the green-keeping team keep this premium course in top condition. Their Head Greenkeeper told us more about their requirements. “As our fleet of plant and vehicles has grown, we are obviously using more petrol to keep them moving. We were buying relatively small amounts of petrol in barrels and caddies, transporting them from a petrol station back to the course, having to find safe storage areas, then fuelling the vehicles frequently with relatively small amounts. The entire process was inconvenient, time consuming and messy.”

The Club’s General Manager. “Once we identified the need for a better re-fuelling solution, we found the new range of Tuffa Petrol Tanks on their website and made an initial enquiry. The fact that the petrol tank is fire-protected really appealed to us. We got a prompt response and a competitive price. Tuffa produced the 1250 litre petrol tank and arranged delivery and off-load for us,” he said.

All petrol tanks require a Petroleum Certificate which is issued by a Fire Officer. This is a straightforward application process, but Tuffa provides free advice and support. You can find your nearest Fire Officer here.

High spec, mild steel

Tuffa has a range of fire-protected petrol tanks ranging in capacity from a 1250 litre petrol tank to a 3000 litre petrol tank. They are manufactured in a high quality mild steel that, with regular servicing, can deliver a service life in excess of 30 years. The complete range of new petrol tanks is manufactured with our unique, patented fire-protected material. This is factory-fitted around each inner petrol tank, before the outer bund is applied. The bund is a minimum of 110% capacity of the inner tank to help prevent overfilling and spillage.

The high standard specification includes a 2” diameter 4.5m high vent stick to keep any fumes away from the operator. The tanks have a 4” BSP fill connection with cap and chain, 10 micron particle filter as well as a plastic dipstick. There is a choice of electric or hand pumps with delivery hose and nozzle. The tank has grey powder coated paintwork as standard, with fork lift skids and bolt down connections and a secure, lockable access hatch.

No thrills or spills

In addition to the petrol tank, the Club also purchased a spill kit and drain cover. The Head Greenkeeper said: “Although the tanks and our vehicles are in a separate compound, we are aware that a spill could potentially harm the environment and the course, so we added a spill kit as a safety precaution,” he said.

The spill kit comprises of a 240 litre wheelie bin containing eight 3m “socks” fitted with absorbent material to contain the spill and prevent it from spreading further. In addition there are pads and pillows to absorb and clear the contained spill. The kit also includes heavy duty blue waste bags with secure, tie handles for safe disposal of the used spill material.

Other optional accessories including a mobile fire extinguisher point are also available, and the contents of the spill kit can be replaced or replenished on a next working day delivery from stock.

Saving time and money

Gary was delighted with the new re-fuelling system. “It has made us much more efficient,” he said. “We get our mowers and equipment out early to ensure that the course is in top condition every day. It’s so much easier storing a larger quantity of fuel so we can always keep our equipment running. There are benefits in terms of cost too, with bulk buying working out cheaper than regular re-fuelling and transporting back to the course,” he continued. “The Tuffa Petrol tank has helped us to save time and money.”

Tuffa’s General Manager, James Shenton is pleased with the new Petrol Tanks. “We’ve re-visited this range and made a number of improvements to the design and specification. The tanks give users a clean, safe and secure means of storing and dispensing petrol in a smart looking unit. Most important of all, petrol is obviously a highly flammable substance, so the fact that they are delivered fully fire-protected makes them the safest petrol tanks available in the UK,” he said.

If you have vehicles that require regular re-fuelling, take a look at a Tuffa fire-protected petrol tank you can complete an online web form or call the Tuffa team on 01889 567700.


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