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20 July 2024

Tuffa Waste Oil Tank Delivers Excellence at North Shropshire College’s Motor Vehicle Workshop

North Shropshire College’s Motor Vehicle Workshop, located at Walford College, faced a critical need for a waste oil storage solution that not only met stringent regulations but also ensured the safety of students. In 2023, their search led them to Tuffa Tanks and their range of waste oil tanks.

The Tuffa 1350 litre waste oil tank, carefully selected after evaluating various options, not only met but exceeded the requirements for a conventional motor vehicle workshop and educational environment. The decision was based on the tank’s specifications, practical applications, and the assurance of a safe and robust solution.

Key Features of Tuffa’s Smaller Waste Oil Tanks (up to 2500 litres):

  1. Vent: Ensuring proper ventilation is essential for any waste oil storage system. Tuffa’s smaller tanks come equipped with a vent, allowing for the safe release of gases and maintaining optimal conditions within the tank.
  2. Manual Float Level Gauge: Monitoring oil levels is made simple with the inclusion of a manual float level gauge. This practical feature provides users with a visual indication of the oil levels, facilitating timely management and planning for disposal.
  3. Lockable Flip Lid: Security is a top priority, especially in educational and industrial settings. The lockable flip lid on these tanks adds an extra layer of protection, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the safety of both the environment and the stored oil.
  4. Tundish with Strainer: The inclusion of a tundish with a strainer is a thoughtful addition to Tuffa’s waste oil tanks. This component helps filter out impurities during the draining process, contributing to a smoother and more efficient oil recovery operation.

The tank was ordered and delivered promptly, showcasing its robust build and construction, qualities that might not be fully expressed in promotional material but make a significant impact. Placed strategically within the workshop, the Tuffa oil tank has proven to be an impressive addition, seamlessly fulfilling its intended purpose.

Oil recovery operations from the tank have been conducted effortlessly, with recovery agents appreciating the tank’s user-friendly design. Practicality has been a standout feature, earning compliments for its seamless integration into daily workshop activities.

The Tuffa oil tank stands as a testament to excellence in the Motor Vehicle workshop at North Shropshire College, providing a reliable and efficient solution for waste oil storage. This case study not only highlights the success of the Tuffa tank in an educational setting but also underscores its versatility for varied industrial applications.

“The Tuffa oil tank has been a brilliant purchase for our Motor Vehicle work shop and I would recommend the Tuffa Tank to anyone in the market for one.”

For those in the market for a waste oil storage tank, North Shropshire College’s positive experience with the Tuffa Tank speaks volumes, making it a recommended choice.

Versatility and Reliability:

Tuffa Tanks prides itself on delivering versatile solutions that cater to a spectrum of requirements. Whether it’s the compact 1350-litre model or the slightly larger 15000-litre variant, each tank is meticulously designed to offer reliability, durability, and ease of use.

From educational institutions to industrial workshops, Tuffa’s waste oil tanks are engineered to seamlessly integrate into diverse environments. The smaller models, complete with the mentioned features, bring efficiency and convenience to the forefront of waste oil storage.

Explore the full range of Tuffa Waste Oil Tanks to discover the perfect fit for your specific needs. With Tuffa, you’re not just investing in a tank; you’re investing in a solution that goes beyond expectations.

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