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festival water storage tanks

Festival Countdown Is On

Here at Tuffa Tanks, we can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. With events and festival season just a few months away now, it’s going to be another busy spring and summer for our industry. So, just how do we fit into the festivals and events that the...

08 May 2024

Tuffa rainwater harvesting tanks

Unlocking Opportunities: Government Grant Funding for Tuffa Tanks in Agriculture

The FETF 2024 is designed to empower those at the forefront of agriculture, recognising the pivotal role they play in food production and environmental stewardship. By offering financial support, the government aims to catalyse the adoption of advanced equipment and technologies that enhance productivity, sustainability, and overall operational efficiency. Key...

12 March 2024

JHAI Merges with Stroma to Become the “Powerhouse” for Building Control

JHAI announced that as of 1st October 2023 they have merged with Stroma to become the "powerhouse for Building Control". About Stroma Stroma Building Control is positioned as one of the largest Approved Inspectors that prides itself on the expertise and experience of its over 100 Building Control Surveyors. This...

22 February 2024

Forest fires predicted in El Nino aftermath for 2024

Bipolar Weather Phenomenon Forecasts Devastation

A warm weather event is already pumping up the heat in the Pacific Ocean, heating the planet on a global scale amid the ongoing struggle against climate change. Unlike Elton finishing his farewell tour, there is no sign of El Niño retiring. Deemed the most intense fluctuation in our climate...

18 July 2023

agriculture fuel management

Agricultural Fuel Suppliers Have Had Their Fill with Top-fill Deliveries

We attended CEREALS in June, and recent reports tell us that tanker delivery drivers are increasingly refusing to clamber up ladders to fill fuel and fertiliser tanks from a top fill point, declaring a max fill point no higher than chest height. Of course, beyond the obvious risk factors associated...

16 June 2023

farmers networking

The Power of Farmers Networking and Unlocking Collective Potential

Farmers face numerous challenges in the dynamic and ever-evolving agricultural landscape, ranging from market uncertainties to rising input costs. Farmers must leverage the power of networking and buying groups in this era of technological advancements and globalisation. These collaborations enable farmers to share knowledge, pool resources, and negotiate better deals,...

25 May 2023

Dreaded Drought Banner

The Dreaded Drought

Summer is almost here (thankfully), but the big question is always, will it be a nice summer? It's a subjective question, but based on last year's heatwave, what constitutes "nice"? The National Drought Group (NDG) warns of a 'worst case scenario' summer ahead. Once again, temperatures are set to reach...

10 May 2023

red diesel duty changes 2022

Red diesel duty changes 2022

Update: 15th March 2023 Premises for Heating Non-Commercial Properties with Some Commercial Use: You can now supply rebated red diesel for premises where the primary purpose is heating non-commercial properties. This includes locations used partly for commercial purposes, such as accommodations that offer part-time bed and breakfast services and district...

15 March 2023

The Billion Barrel Blow

Early in 2020, two words became ubiquitous as the dreadful pandemic ran rampant throughout the globe. The two words were 'Unprecedented' and 'Pivot'. Unprecedented speaks for itself, but 'pivot' needs a more robust understanding. Perhaps even to a granular level. What does it mean when a business has to pivot?...

21 December 2022

effluent tank

Demand is going to be messy in 2023 for this critical storage tank

From camping to construction, festivals to fairs there is always a need for effluent storage.  Trends predicted for 2023 suggest that effluent storage will be in high demand, with more people leaving the comfort of their homes after years of intermittent lockdown to enjoy the great outdoors and all it...

09 December 2022

Steel Tanks vs. Plastic Tanks

Bulk liquid storage tanks are available in plastic and steel. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.  As one of very few UK tank manufacturers with the capacity to build both plastic and steel tanks, few manufacturers are better placed to offer guidance on the steel tanks vs plastic debate. ...

07 December 2022

Reducing carbon, protecting the planet, and improving performance. What is HVO?"> biofuel tanks

Reducing carbon, protecting the planet, and improving performance. What is HVO?" aria-label="Read more about Reducing carbon, protecting the planet, and improving performance. What is HVO?">Reducing carbon, protecting the planet, and improving performance. What is HVO?

Tuffa is a proud British manufacturer of fuel storage and distribution tanks in both steel and plastic, supplying a cross-sector of industries such as transport, logistics, aviation, and shipping.  Read any article about diesel, and you will undoubtedly read about biofuels as either a supplement or a replacement for fossil fuels...

10 November 2022

tuffa water tanks

Beat the hosepipe ban and secure against drought with rainwater harvesting

After the driest July in England on record since 1935 (and the driest on record for East Anglia, the southeast and southern England) reservoirs and rivers have reached critically low levels. The typical UK government response to low water levels is to implement a hosepipe ban in the worse affected...

22 August 2022

Replacement fire rated oil storage tank

Simplifying difficult installations with FirePro Tanks

Charlie of Charlie Dalton Plumbing Services is an OFTEC registered heating engineer based in Winchester. Charlie has a strong reputation within the villages of Hampshire for quality workmanship working with everything from emergency repairs, boiler installations and new bathrooms. Three hundred 10* reviews on Checkatrade testifies to the diversity of...

29 July 2022

The route to off-grid liquid fuel heating

More than a year after HVO was first trialled in UK oil-fired boilers and the trial's second phase is well underway. 200 homes and businesses have been adapted to ensure compatibility with the biofuel and help verify the logistics and practicality of extending HVO heating to significantly decarbonise up to...

21 July 2022

STEPS farm grant

Severn Trent’s Environmental Protection Scheme

Attention Midlands farmers! Once again funding applications have opened for Severn Trent’s Environmental Protection Scheme (STEPS) but this year the maximum accessible funding has increased to £10,000 on standard items and £30,000 for priority items. Severn Trent’s grant is part of their commitment to improving water quality, soil biodiversity and...

30 June 2022

Environmental and financial implications of commercial bulk fuel and AdBlue storage

From fleet operators to farmers, for many industries having bulk diesel and AdBlue storage on-site is essential. Buying in bulk helps companies to secure the lowest fuel and AdBlue prices while on-site storage gives companies more security by reducing the risk of running out of these essential liquids. When combined...

29 June 2022

bulk farm fuel tanks

An Expert Guide to Agricultural Tanks

We have been manufacturing tanks for over 30 years and boast one of the widest ranges of tanks in the UK. This includes some of the highest capacity plastic and steel tanks available, and storage solutions for liquids including diesel, heating oil, AdBlue, water, liquid fertilisers, molasses and more. Those...

31 May 2022

How to make your heating oil go further

Saving money and saving the planet is a top priority, and we must all do what we can to minimise the waste of crucial resources.  As the cost of living rises, many people are left wondering, "how can I make my heating oil last longer?" And it's a good question....

18 May 2022

How to avoid AdBlue crystallisation

AdBlue crystallisation is an inconvenient problem for many people, particularly those driving in colder climates or conditions. When AdBlue crystallises, it can have terrible effects on your vehicle and its ability to run as it should. So, it's essential to know where to source it from and how to store...

29 April 2022

Protecting your fuel tank against the rise in fuel theft

A sharp increase in fuel prices from June 2020 to March 2022 means that fuel security is more important than ever. During this time diesel wholesale pump prices have increased by more than half, while kerosene prices have more than doubled. The problem is compounded by recent fuel shortages and...

28 April 2022

Ways to Drastically Reduce Your Oil Heating Bills

UK domestic heating oil prices are at an all-time high in 2022; therefore, it is no surprise that many people who heat their homes using oil are eager to reduce bill costs.  While oil heating is a cheaper alternative to gas due to its higher efficiency, there are still ways...

22 April 2022

fire rated heating oil tank

An Expert Guide to Fire Rated Oil Tanks

BROWSE OUR FIRE RATED TANKS   Fire Rated Oil Tanks function like conventional heating oil tanks, however, they are equipped with an additional safety feature; an integrally fitted and flame-retardant material that acts as a fire barrier. This means that Fire Rated Oil Tanks can be installed adjacent to, or...

13 April 2022

How to Recycle Empty Adblue Containers

Despite its colourful name, AdBlue is a clear fluid used to decrease the amount of diesel engines' harmful emissions being emitted into the atmosphere. The solution consists of a mixture of urea and deionized water and is a non-toxic, colourless, odourless, and non-flammable substance.  Adblue plays a fundamental part in...

12 April 2022

Tuffa bunded heating oil tanks

An Expert Guide to Heating Oil Storage

Read An Expert Guide to Heating Oil Storage for information, advice and industry insights covering everything from the basic question “what is heating oil?” to the money-saving “how can I get the best price for heating oil?”. What makes us experts? We’ve been manufacturing oil tanks for over 30 years...

30 March 2022

7 signs it’s time to find a residential oil tank replacement

Changes in climate can cause problems Heating your home using a domestic oil tank is hugely beneficial; it allows you to be conscious of your energy consumption whilst giving you greater control, as you're not reliant on the mains or network. However, all oil tanks require regular maintenance to continue...

28 March 2022


An Expert Guide to AdBlue® Storage Tanks

Read our Expert Guide to AdBlue® Tanks for information, advice and industry insights covering everything from AdBlue® consumption for your vehicle, AdBlue® storage regulations and guidance. What makes us experts? We've been manufacturing bulk storage tanks for over 30 years. Our AdBlue tanks are used by hundreds of private fleet...

10 March 2022

Tuffa launch new steel tank range to meet modern-day challenges

We have just launched our entirely new range of steel fuel tanks designed to meet the challenges of 2022 and beyond. We now offer HVO compatible fuel tanks in a greater diversity of sizes with 12 standard capacities from 5,000L to 100,000L. With the withdrawal of rebated red diesel from...

25 February 2022

plastic bunded diesel tank

Bunded oil tanks and risk management in the oil industry

The oil industry is one that is full of risk. From the moment oil is extracted from the ground to the moment it is transported to its final destination, there are many opportunities for something to go wrong. This is why any company that works with oil from extraction to...

22 February 2022

2500 litre adblue tank

What to include in an Adblue risk assessment

If you regularly work with Adblue in your business, it's important to carry out a risk assessment to ensure that everyone involved is safe. Adblue can be harmful to wildlife and the wider environment if not handled correctly, making it crucial to take the necessary precautions to avoid any health...

22 February 2022