Chemical Tanks

As a leading chemical tanks manufacturer in the UK, our chemical storage tanks are fully enclosed, compliant, safe and secure. We can offer single units up to 15,000 litres with the option of interlinking to increase capacities.

Chemical Tanks Information


  • Our range of chemical storage tanks are integrally bunded to provide a self-contained solution for chemical storage.
  • Tuffa Tanks are one of the main chemical tank manufacturers in the UK and create bespoke chemical tanks which can hold a capacity of 1350 litres to 15000 litres.
  • Our chemical tanks are designed, manufactured and tested in-house in the UK and these bulk storage containers are suitable for a variety of chemical and water treatment applications.
  • Our chemical storage tanks offer chemical resistance to commonly processed chemicals, including low vapour pressure chemicals such as hypochloride.

  Our chemical storage tank range includes tanks for pesticides and biocidal products such as:

  • fungicides
  • insecticides
  • herbicides
  • plant growth regulators
  • rodenticides (rat and mouse poisons)
  • animal and bird repellents
  • wood and masonry preservatives
  • disinfectants
  • anti-fouling products

  Pesticides and biocides are classed as hazardous waste. It’s therefore your duty of care and legal responsibility to ensure that all pesticides and biocides are stored, handled and disposed of safely. We can manufacture bunded chemical tanks to store which provide leak protection and fire resistance in a bespoke size (typically ranging from 1350-15,000 litres in size).   We can also supply suitable chemical tanks for the storage of :

  • animal by-products
  • pharmaceutical
  • foodstuffs
  • agricultural
  • oils
  • waste, water industries

  Further information on the storage of chemicals hazardous to the environment can be found on the Environmental Agency website. Finally, this range is suitable to store a variety of chemicals including

  • AdBlue
  • de-icer
  • anti-freeze,
  • sodium hypochloride(NaCIO)
  • calcium nitrate
  • hydrochloric acid

  In order for chemical products to be safely stored, storage tanks must be able to endure high thermal stress, intense UV radiation and be chemical-resilient. We manufacture round and rectangular thermoplastic tanks which are bespoke to your chemical storage requirements.   Combustible and non-combustible chemicals have different storage temperature requirements. When storing hazardous chemicals, it’s crucial to be aware of its flash point (lowest storage temperature before chemical vapours are released into the air and can catch on fire). Before creating chemical storage tank solutions, we therefore must understand the optimum temperature in which the chemicals can be stored.   Thermoplastic materials can be heated and cooled several times without any change in their chemistry or mechanical properties. Thermoplastic tanks are also free from toxicity, odour and taint and are therefore commonly used for chemical and water storage.   Note: The compatibility of a chemical with our products is looked at with each enquiry. The compatibility is subject to the concentration of the chemical. A chemical data sheet is required to provide confirmation of compatibility.   Major chemical suppliers offer guidelines regarding the safe storage and handling of their products. Tuffa Tanks work closely with these companies to ensure that our systems satisfy their recommendations. By standardising designs around the economical use of materials, manufacturing costs are minimised.   This range of tanks are available in black as standard with other colours available as an option. All our tanks are subject to the highest and best quality check (QC) procedures, ensuring consistently high-quality products.   The key benefits of our bunded chemical storage tank range are:

  • Designed, manufactured and tested in-house at our works in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
  • Our bunded chemical tank range is an integrally bunded tank range which provides a self-contained solution to the safe storage of an extensive range of chemicals
  • Suitable for large capacity dosing requirements
  • Moulded in one-piece and designed for durability and practical usage
  • Top quality fittings and connections available to provide a complete storage tank solution
  • Numerous optional extras available, including a range of gauge systems, access ladders and platforms, armco protection barrier and much more
  • We are a specialist chemical tanks manufacturer and so can supply bespoke systems to suit your exact requirements



Advice on chemical storage includes storing all substances in an area where you can contain spills. Keep chemical containers within an impermeable secondary containment area that will hold liquids if the main containers leak or break.   These areas include bunds, bunded pallets or spill pallets, sump pallets, bunded storage units and storage cabinets with integral sumps. If you have one oil storage container in a bund, the bund must be able to hold 110% of its volume.   If you have more than one container, your bund must be able to contain at least 110% of the volume of the largest container or 25% of the total volume you are likely to store, whichever is greater.   Our bunded tanks offer high-level security in the event of waste spills. The inner tanks are reliable enough, however, the outside bund is always there as successful back-up.  


  • Cover storage areas wherever possible to avoid rainwater collecting
  • Inspect bunds regularly and remove any rainwater – if the water is contaminated you may need to dispose of it as hazardous/special waste
  • Locate storage tanks as far as possible from drains and watercourses
  • Our tanks can be fitted with leakage detection devices, if needed, to show you if the tank is overfilled or leaking
  • Lock storage tanks when not in use, to prevent unauthorised access and reduce the risk of vandalism.
  • Clearly label all tanks with their contents and storage capacity, to prevent the overfilling or incorrect filling of storage containers. With Tuffa’s storage tanks, any colour can be chosen by the consumer to identify the liquid being stored.