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One might expect a firmly established and widely renowned storage tank specialist to offer no less than the complete range of tank options, which is certainly something that can be said of our own chemical storage tank selection here at Tuffa. Whatever chemical you need to store for all manner of purposes, you are almost certain to find the right solution somewhere in our standard range, which encompasses tanks for the storage of AdBlue, de-icer, anti-freeze, calcium nitrate and so many more chemicals.

Our impressive assortment of AdBlue tanks, for instance, embraces capacities as low as 1,350 litres or as high as 15,000 litres, with even larger capacities able to be obtained via interlinking. AdBlue storage tanks are available from Tuffa in both horizontal and vertical form, all tanks also having easily accessible refuelling equipment at ground level. Choosing one of our AdBlue tanks also means benefitting from a fully bunded construction that guards against the risk of leaking or overfilling.

However, a Tuffa chemical storage tank can also be specified with all manner of other chemicals potentially in mind. Whether you require a solution for storing hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, calcium nitrate or another of the many chemicals mentioned on our website, you can look forward to truly formidable specifications. Even the most basic 1350 SLB chemical tank that we offer is tough, durable and weatherproof, being made from recyclable polyethylene in addition to offering exceptional corrosion resistance and requiring zero maintenance.

Other models in our wider chemical storage tank range include the likes of the 1400 VB, 3500 VB and 6000 VB, right up to the 10000 VB. That latter fully bunded MDPE tank boasts a diameter of 2,866mm and height of 2,600mm, ensuring a brim capacity of 10,000 litres. However, these tanks all differ in their specifications depending on the exact product to be installed, which makes it advisable to get in touch with Tuffa’s professional and friendly team for a more in-depth discussion of individual requirements.

The continual growth of Uttoxeter-based Tuffa is only further helping our company to keep building the most suitable chemical tanks for the broadest range of customer requirements. We can design, manufacture and test your new chemical storage tank in-house, ensuring that the most specific needs are met, at the same time as cutting unnecessary costs through the standardisation of designs around the economical use of materials.

You will struggle to find a broader range of chemical storage tank options anywhere in the UK- so why not get in touch with us here at Tuffa so that we can guide you through the options that best suit you?