Tanks for AdBlue®

At Tuffa UK, we are innovators in the design and manufacture of holding tanks and dispensing tanks for storage of AdBlue®

AdBlue® Tanks Information

Tuffa UK designs and manufactures high-quality plastic bunded tanks for AdBlue®. Available as storage or dispensing tanks, our AdBlue storage solutions typically range from 1,350 litres up to 15,000 litres. In addition, we also provide dual and multi-compartment tanks in steel, so you can store AdBlue® and diesel in one tank.


Tuffa is one of the largest manufacturers of tanks for AdBlue® and has supplied storage tanks for AdBlue® to huge organisations in the UK such as the NHS and to clients globally from Belgium through to Asia. We can also create bespoke tanks with strict dimensions that take into consideration sites which have limited space.


The tank can come with a fill connection, contents gauge, submersible pump, automatic shut off nozzle, delivery hose, and a digital flowmeter, amongst other specifications. Any bespoke requirements are readily accepted.


The key specifications of our tanks for AdBlue® are as follows:


  • available in various capacities from a 1,350 litre tank to 15,000 litres
  • horizontal and vertical models available
  • refuelling equipment is easily accessible on all tanks from ground level
  • fully lockable
  • a fully bunded construction, which offers integral protection from leaking and overfilling
  • all AdBlue tanks incorporate premium-quality equipment


Tanks can come with a fill connection, contents gauge, submersible pump, automatic shut off nozzle, delivery hose and a digital flowmeter, amongst other specifications.



We recommend buying the maximum capacity tank you can to reduce the frequency of tank refills and to enable you to bulk buy AdBlue® as the price can vary dramatically.


As a guide, we recommend the following capacities for your industry/size:


Industry/SizeRecommended Tank Size
1 to 2 HGVs
1 to 10 LCVs
Commercial – small operation
3 to 5 HGVs2500
11 to 20 LCVs3200 space saver
Commercial – small/medium operation3500
6 to 10 HGVs6000
21-40 LCVs
Commercial – medium operation
11 to 15 HGVs
41 to 60 LCVs
Commercial – medium-large operation
16-25 HGVs
61-100 LCVs
Commercial – large operation
Logistics:Multiple AdBlue Tanks
26+ HGVs
101+ LCVs
Commercial – very large operation


Our AdBlue® tanks come with a 10 year guarantee when registered, a 1 year guarantee on ancillary goods, and a 3 month guarantee on hoses. We recommend regular maintenance of your tank to extend its usable life.



Tuffa Tanks in both plastic and steel are generally built to order. We can arrange delivery direct to site in the UK or abroad. Alternatively, tanks can be collected from our Uttoxeter factory.


Stock tanks available with next day delivery – call us for current stock levels. Typical build times are as follows:


Plastic tanksSmall standard tanks (up to 2500 litres): 7-10 days
Large standard tanks (over 2500 litres): 2-3 weeks
Steel tanksSmall standard tanks (up to 2300 litres): 4-6 weeks
Large standard tanks (over 2300 litres): 8-10 weeks


AdBlue® is very polluting to surface water and groundwater. Due to its corrosive nature AdBlue® must be stored in high-density Polyethylene, polypropylene or stainless steel containers.


Currently, there aren’t any enforced AdBlue® storage regulations in the UK. However, the Environmental Agency has issued storage guidelines and under the Anti-Pollution Works Regulations they can issue a notice enforcing appropriate improvements.


The Environmental Agency guidelines state:


• your container, pipework and dispenser equipment are suitable for use with urea

• you have secondary containment for the container and ancillary equipment (i.e. a bunded tank)

• the dispensing area drainage is isolated from surface water drains

• you have a trigger nozzle with an auto shutoff to dispense AdBlue®. Make sure that the nozzle can not be left in the open position

• you have appropriate emergency equipment to deal with large and small spills.

• you have an emergency plan and suitable training for dealing with spillages or other accidents


All of our storage tanks for AdBlue® are manufactured to comply with these guidelines. The tanks are bunded with a secondary containment and are made from recyclable polyethylene. We also offer spill control kits.


How do you store AdBlue®?

To ensure AdBlue® does not become contaminated and damage vehicles or equipment it should be stored correctly. AdBlue® stored in bulk should be kept in an AdBlue® tank made of high density polyethylene. Our AdBlue® tanks are bunded in capacities from 1,350 to 15,000 litres.

Can AdBlue® be stored outside?

When storing AdBlue® outside it should be out of direct sunlight in a sealed clean container such as an AdBlue® storage tank. Keeping AdBlue® out of direct sunlight and between -6°C and 25°C will prevent contamination and increase the lifespan.

How long can you store AdBlue®?

When kept in optimum condition AdBlue® can be stored for between 12 and 18 months. Our AdBlue® tanks are manufactured specifically to meet AdBlue® storage guidelines.

Does AdBlue® need to be bunded?

AdBlue® is very polluting to surface water and groundwater. Although there are no compulsory regulations in the UK governing AdBlue® storage the Environmental Agency has issued guidelines advising that AdBlue® tanks are bunded.

AdBlue® is a registered trademark belonging to Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.