AdBlue® Dispensers

AdBlue® Dispensers offer fuel station dispensing features in addition to storage.

AdBlue Dispensers provide a fuel station operation with a fill connection, contents gauge, submersible pump, automatic shut off nozzle, delivery hose and a digital flow meter, amongst other options. Optional Fuel Management and a pulsed output flowmeter is also available. Any bespoke requirements are readily accepted.

Capacities of our AdBlue Dispensers typically range from 1,350 litres up to 15,000 litres. However, with interlinking this can increase up to 100,000 litres. In addition we also provide multi storage options so it is easy to store AdBlue and diesel in one tank.

Tuffa are one of the largest AdBlue tank manufacturers and can take into consideration sites which have limited space.

The key benefits of our AdBlue Dispensers and storage tanks are as follows:

  • Available in capacities of 1,350 litres to 15,000 litres. Tanks can also be interlinked to obtain larger capacities.
  • Horizontal and vertical models available
  • Refuelling equipment is easily accessible on all tanks from ground level
  • Fully lockable
  • A fully bunded construction, which offers integral protection from leaking and overfilling
  • All AdBlue tanks incorporate premium quality equipment