Steel Diesel Tanks

All of our steel diesel tanks are manufactured in-house by our highly-skilled fabricator welding team. The tanks range from 1,350 to 15,000 litres, with fire protection available. Bespoke tanks can be produced with a capacity of up to 200,000 litres.

Steel Diesel Tanks Information

Our steel diesel tanks are available in a range of capacities and thicknesses. The main advantage of using our stainless steel solution is that the tanks are extremely long-lasting, making them cost effective over time.


The tanks can be manufactured to your exact specifications, including critical dimensions and with 30 to 60 minute fire protection – making them great for both commercial and domestic usage.


We include locking facilities for additional security, whilst the tanks can be bunded for additional protection. We even offer combinations of plastic inner tanks and steel outer tanks for the best of both worlds.


Optional extras are available for all steel diesel tanks, including systems for diesel management, tank monitoring, filtration, and remote telemetry.


You can also check out An Expert Guide to Diesel Storage for information, advice and industry insights covering everything from the types of tanks, storage regulations, how to get the best price on fuel and preventing fuel theft.