Steel Diesel Tanks

Our steel diesel tanks range from holding capacities of 5,000 litres to 86,000 litres of fuel as standard. Bespoke tanks can be produced with a capacity of more than 86,000 litres. Our tanks are manufactured in-house by our highly-skilled fabricator welding team and can be used for a multitude of domestic and commercial purposes.

Steel Diesel Tanks Information

As a leading steel diesel tank manufacturer, our bunded tanks are available in a range of capacities and thicknesses. Our steel diesel tanks can hold a capacity of 5,000 litres – 86,000 litres of fuel as standard. Extras are available for all tanks, including systems for diesel management, tank monitoring, filtration, and remote telemetry, depending on your diesel storage requirements.


The main advantage of using our stainless steel solution is that the tanks are extremely long-lasting and durable, making them cost-effective over time. The steel diesel tanks that we produce can be adapted to meet your site’s specifications, including critical dimensions. This makes our tanks ideal for both commercial and domestic usage.


Benefits of purchasing a steel diesel tank

  • Our steel diesel tanks are bunded to meet Oil Storage Regulations
  • Capacity to create a bespoke diesel storage tank which stores up to 86,000 litres of fuel
  • Protection from costly fuel spills
  • Come equipped with an overfill prevention valve and ventilation
  • Made out of thick mild steel which protects from impact damage
  • Forecourt-style fuel dispensing for ease
  • Extremely long lasting with a lifespan of at least 30 years when serviced properly
  • Our steel diesel tanks have a 10 year warranty


We include locking facilities for additional security, such as a roller shutter door to protect the ancillary equipment and prevent fuel theft. Whilst the tanks are bunded for additional protection, we even offer combinations of plastic inner tanks and steel outer tanks for the best of both worlds.


You can also check out An Expert Guide to Diesel Storage for information, advice and industry insights covering everything from the types of tanks, storage regulations, how to get the best price on fuel and preventing fuel theft.


Optional extras for your diesel tank

Here at Tuffa, we want to ensure that our tanks meet your criteria exactly and to ensure that you’re completely happy with your purchase, we can provide optional extras to your tank. You can add the following extras to your steel diesel tank:


  • K44 pulsed outlet flowmeter – allows connection to a separate fuel management system (10:1 pulses per litre).
  • Hose reel – an 8m delivery hose reel that is self-retracting for ease
  • Pump options – pumps with a higher flow rate are available
  • Fuel management system – a Piusi fuel management system provides additional security against theft or damage. The fuel management system is fitted within the lockable cabinet and only allows authorised users to dispense the diesel from the tank via a pin code or a magnetic key system. This system can also be connected to a PC, which allows you to view the transaction data, meaning that you’re getting real-time information and better tracking. Additionally, cloud systems are available.


Can’t find what you are looking for?


When it comes to steel diesel tanks, our team have a wealth of knowledge. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch today and we can help you out. Alternatively, why not browse our plastic diesel tanks range?