Steel Diesel Tanks

Our steel diesel tanks range from holding capacities of 5,000 litres to 100,000 litres of fuel as standard. Our tanks are manufactured in-house by our highly-skilled fabricator welding team and can be used for a multitude of domestic and commercial purposes.


We have been manufacturing steel tanks for over 30 years and our steel diesel tanks are a premium product offering supreme durability and protection against leaks or spills. All of our steel diesel tanks are ‘fully bunded’ constructed with an independent primary tank and bund, whereas most steel tanks on the market have a single base plate on the bottom of the tank – an area particularly susceptible to rust and where leaks can go undetected.


All of our steel tanks are hand fabricated using a high-quality mild steel. These tanks are extremely strong & reliable with a designed life expectancy of at least 30 years when correctly used, installed and maintained, and a 10 year guarantee when registered.   Our steel diesel storage tanks are available in sizes from 5,000 to 100,000 litres and with a variety of optional extras available can be tailored to meet your sites exacts requirements. As standard these tanks are manufactured with premium dispensing equipment for dispensing red or white diesel and even most biodiesels. Ancillary equipment is housed within a high security lockable cabinet – walk-in cabinet for capacities of 30,000 litres and over. Alternatively, we can manufacture a ‘bare’ tank to power diesel generators or as simple holding tanks.  



  • Provides on-site forecourt-style red & white diesel dispensing or manufactured without ancillary equipment & used to power a diesel generator
  • Save time & money by bulk-buying fuel stored directly on-site
  • A variety of capacities and options tailor the tank to your site requirements
  • Hand fabricated with a thick, high-quality mild steel
  • Ancillary equipment is housed within a high security [walk in 30k+) cabinet with lockable roller shutter door
  • Manufactured with channel runners to allow air flow underneath the tank which reduces oxidisation & rust
  • To provide maximum protection against leaks & spills our steel tanks are ‘fully bunded’ with an independent primary tank & bund – whereas most tanks on the market have a single base plate on bottom of the tank, an area particularly susceptible to rust where leaks can go undetected
  • Extremely strong & reliable designed with a life expectancy in excess of 30 years when correctly installed, used & maintained
  • 10 year guarantee when registered
  • Very competitive RRP price. Trade discounts are also available, enquire now for your rates



Our plastic bunded diesel tank solutions come in capacities of 1,350 litres to 15,000 as single units or up to 30,000 litres using interlinking. Our steel diesel tanks are available in sizes from 5,000 to 100,000 litres.   Whether you require a bunded diesel tank for commercial, domestic or agricultural purposes, we recommend buying the maximum size tank you can to reduce the chance of running out of fuel, minimise the frequency of tank refills and to enable you to purchase your diesel at the best possible price.   



In England, oil tanks with a volume under 3,501 litres used for domestic applications aren’t required to have a secondary containment unless they are sited in locations where oil spills can reach public water sources. This includes:


  • Where oil leaks could run over hard ground and reach coastal water, inland fresh waters or a drinking water source.
  • Where oil spillages could run into an open drain or a loose manhole cover.
  • Where the tank vent pipes cannot be seen when the tank’s being filled, for example, because the delivery tanker is parked too far away.
  • Within 10 metres of coastal water or inland fresh water like lakes or streams.
  • Within 50 metres of a drinking water source, for example, wells, boreholes or springs.


While in these circumstances a bunded oil tank isn’t compulsory, we still recommend bunding all tanks as good environmental practice. Additionally, when you install a single skin tank you face the risk of regulation updates making your tank no longer compliant.



Regulations for storing commercial oil must be followed if your business (including marinas and public sector premises) stores oil in a tank with a volume of 201 litres or higher, or if your domestic premises stores oil in a tank with a capacity over 3,500 litres.   Regulations state that all commercial diesel tanks must be bunded.  



Diesel stored for agricultural usage follows slightly different rules in England. Diesel storage containers with a capacity over 1,500 litres must be bunded. Additionally, no part of the oil storage installation – including yard drains, dry ditches and land drains – can be within 10 meters of inland or coastal waters.  






Our tanks have a 10 year guarantee on the interior tank and bund, with all parts carrying a 12 month guarantee. We would recommend regular maintenance of your tank via our service maintenance package to extend the tank’s useful life.  


Although we hold some stock, Tuffa tanks are generally built to order and have the typical lead times:


Plastic tanks      

Small standard tanks (up to 2500 litres): 2-3 weeks

Large standard tanks (over 2500 litres): 2-3 weeks

Effluent tank: 1 week (often in stock)


Steel tanks         

Small standard tanks (up to 2300 litres): 6-8 weeks

Large standard tanks (over 2300 litres): 8-10 weeks


Petrol tanks: 8-10 weeks



Tuffa Tanks are generally built to order. We can arrange delivery to sites across the UK, or tanks can be collected from our factory in Uttoxeter. Stock plastic or steel tanks available with next day delivery – call us for current stock levels. 


When it comes to steel diesel tanks, our team have a wealth of knowledge. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch today and we can help you out. Alternatively, why not check out our Expert Guide to Diesel Storage Tanks or browse our plastic diesel tanks.