Oil Tanks

Our oil tanks lead the industry in innovation, technology, safety, and reliability. Our range is purpose-designed to include suitable oil storage options for homeowners, domestic properties, commercial businesses, and agriculture, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for then please contact our team to discuss a custom-made solution.

All our Tuffa Tanks are designed , built and tested to the highest quality industry and British Standards. For domestic and commercial markets in the UK and internationally, we are a leading manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience.


Our oil storage tanks, available in both plastic and steel, are produced in a range of capacities from 900 up to 200,000 litres. They are manufactured using quality parts and materials, ensuring safe and reliable storage. If you have specific requirements, we will work with you to produce a design to your specifications and supply a bespoke tank that meets your exact needs.


In addition to our standard bunded oil tanks, we have developed a unique, patented fire-protected tank. Discover our fire-protected tanks here.


What size oil tank do I need?

We recommend buying the maximum capacity tank you can. This will enable you to bulk buy when the price of oil is low and will reduce the frequency of refills. Full details of our range and capacities are listed.


For domestic properties, we recommend an oil tank that will hold at least 500 litres for every bedroom in your house, with a minimum tank size of 900L for homes that are heavily reliant on heating oil. This allows you an economic 900 litre fill without running out of oil. Any less than this and you may be refuelling your tank too frequently during the winter months.


As a guide, we recommend the following capacities for domestic use:


1 bedroom house 900 – 1100 litres
2 bedroom house 1100 – 1400 litres
3 bedroom house 1400 – 1800 litres
4 bedroom house 1800 – 2500 litres
5 bedroom house 2,500+ litres


All our bunded oil tanks comply with legal requirements on Secondary Containment and spillage, and an Environmental Risk Assessment will need to be undertaken to ensure your safety.



Our tanks have a 10 year guarantee on the inner tank and bund, with all parts carrying a 12 month guarantee. We would recommend regular maintenance of your tank via our service maintenance package to extend the tank’s useful life.


Delivery and installation

We hold some tanks in stock, but generally, Tuffa Tanks are made to order. Plastic tanks have a lead time of approximately 5-10 working days, with steel tanks delivered within 8 -12 weeks of order, depending on size. We can arrange nationwide delivery direct to site on the UK mainland and this is included in our price. Alternatively, tanks can be collected from our factory.


Heating oil tanks must be installed under the Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) using a trade association such as APHC or Oftec. Please let us know if we can help you to find a local installer.


Requirements and regulations

The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations from 2001 dictate the legal requirements for storing oil on a property. The main points are as such:

  • Oil must be stored in a container that is strong enough to make sure that it will not burst or leak when full
  • Oil tanks and containers must be placed inside a containment system
  • Valves and pipes must be sealed to prevent leaking and placed within the secondary confinement system or used with a drip tray to catch any spills
  • Fixed tanks must have a sight gauge that has a valve which can be closed automatically
  • Automatic overfill prevention devices must be used when it’s not practical to observe the vent pipe or tank