Bunded Oil Tanks

Our bunded oil tanks exceed all current UK storage regulations. They are suitable for domestic, commercial, and agricultural applications for both new-build and existing properties.

The products in this range are an excellent choice for safeguarding against oil spills and ground contamination by ensuring that oil is stored in a secure, compliant, and high quality bunded tank – thus giving peace of mind. This range is designed with pollution control in mind. If you’re after an environmentally-friendly bunded storage solution, which aligns with the current industry legislation, then look no further.

The key benefits of our bunded oil storage tanks are:

  • The bund contains a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank
  • The bund is covered preventing collection of rainwater and debris
  • The tank features a lockable outer cabinet
  • An overfill prevention device is fitted to larger tanks providing an automatic shut off when the tank is full
  • Made from recyclable polyethylene
  • The tanks are both corrosion resistant and UV stabilised
  • The inner core of our bunded tanks can be made using either plastic or steel, depending on your preference