Waste Oil Tanks

It is imperative that waste oil is stored safely and securely. Our bunded waste oil tanks are designed by putting pollution control at the forefront of the manufacturing process, offering integral protection from leakage and overfilling, as well as complying with all appropriate legislation.

Waste Oil Tanks Information

Our bunded waste oil tanks come in sizes from 1,350 to 15,000 litres, and are supplied with a large capacity tundish and an easy access lockable flip lid.


A waste oil tank would benefit businesses in the motoring industry such as garages, bus depots, haulage companies, and so on. It will ensure that the waste oil is stored safely and securely at a reasonable price. The tanks we manufacture are environmentally friendly, helping to reduce the risk of spillages. Having a range of sizes helps the customer to decide which tank would be best suited to their needs.


A large tank would not need emptying as frequently as a smaller tank, therefore reducing the bills for removing the waste oil out of the tank. If the tank is needed but not used to a great extent then it would be more useful to have a smaller tank. The oil collected inside a waste oil tank will be recycled when taken away by a waste disposal company, this is called sump oil. Although the oil has been used it can be cleaned of contaminants and then recycled again and again – saving the environment. This recycled oil can then be used for many applications.