Petrol Tanks

Tuffa offer a range of petrol tanks, perfect for businesses looking for a safe and reliable petrol storage solution. Our selection of petrol tanks are manufactured from high-quality mild steel to deliver a service life in excess of 30 years.

Petrol Storage Tanks Information

Our standard range of bunded petrol tanks start at 975 litres and go all the way up to 3,000 litres. Larger capacities are available on request.   We exclusively manufacture fireproofed, above-ground petrol storage tanks. These offer a forecourt style bunded petrol tank for storage and dispensing.   The unit allows for gravity-fed tanker delivery and is fitted with a fire proofing system. We sell petroleum storage tanks and can accommodate any customer requirements, providing safe and legal petrol storage.   Our units allow you to store the liquid on your site, delivered by tanker – meaning that you can avoid the hazard of collecting petrol in cans from the petrol station.   Key features of our petrol tanks include:

  • Bunded and fire protected
  • Safe and legal petrol storage
  • Secure padlock
  • Easy fuel metering

  Suitable for any industry including tool hire shops, scrap yards, race courses, golf courses, construction, sports centres, country estates, and many more.   bunded petrol tank   We supply a range of above-ground, fireproofed petroleum storage tanks, ranging between 975 and 3,000 litres. Larger capacities are available on request. These units allow you to safely and securely store petrol on-site, helping you to avoid the hazard of collecting petrol in cans from a local filling station.    


We recommend buying the maximum capacity tank you can to minimise the frequency on tank refills, and to reduce the chance of running out of petrol and the downtime that can occur as a result.    petroleum storage tank



Our bunded petrol tanks have a 10 year guarantee on the inner tank and bund, with all parts carrying a 12 month guarantee. We would recommend regular maintenance of your tank via our service maintenance package to extend the tank’s useful life.  


Tuffa Tanks are generally built to order. We can arrange delivery direct to site in the UK or abroad. Alternatively, tanks can be collected from our Uttoxeter factory.    Typical build times for petrol tanks are 8-10 weeks.  


The storage and procurement of petrol in the UK is regulated and not possible without first obtaining a petroleum certificate from your local authority petroleum officer. Depending on the site location this will vary:   Metropolitan County > Fire Service > Petroleum / Fire Officer Unitary Authorities (Non-Metropolitan County) > Trading Standards > Petroleum / Fire Officer Help to locate your local petroleum officer can be found here.   It is advised before purchasing a Tuffa petroleum storage tank that your local petroleum officer is contacted for advice on the step by step process of obtaining your petroleum certificate, this can vary from one district to another. However, we advise that:  

  • A 2D drawing be obtained of the desired Tuffa petrol tank (provided by Tuffa Tanks).
  • A site drawing of the tank and its location and surroundings be produced (provided by the end or installation company) this should contain any nearby boundaries, buildings, thoroughfares, additional tanks, fixed sources of ignition, additional hazards.
  • A product specification be obtained and submitted with the site drawing to the petroleum / fire officer (provided by the end user or installation company).
  • If requested by the petroleum / fire officer arrange a site visit at the desired tank location and await the petroleum officer’s instruction.
  • Upon receiving approval from the Petroleum / Fire Officer order and take delivery of the Tuffa petrol tank.
  • When the tank is positioned in the notified location inform the petroleum officer, a further site visit and drop test may be requested after installation although is not always required. (Responsibility of the end user or installation company)
  • At the petroleum / fire officer’s discretion you will then obtain your Petroleum certificate and will be eligible to purchase the agreed amount of Petrol set out by the petroleum / fire officer.
  • Arrange for the first delivery of petrol with the desired supplier.


Record Keeping

After a petroleum certificate is obtained you must keep a log of every petrol delivery, this will detail the amount delivered, the date, the drivers and receivers signature, a maintenance log must also be kept detailing any works carried out on the Tuffa petrol tank both of which must be made available at the petroleum officers request and is the responsibility of the end user.   For more information about our above ground petrol tanks and recommendations for locating, labelling and risk assessment see our petrol tank guidance download.   Tuffa’s bunded petrol tanks conform to all the correct regulations and have been designed in accordance with the Blue book guidelines and apply safety design features in accordance with DSEAR (Dangerous substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 Second Edition). We also have spill control kits and fire kits available.