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The tried and tested cliché of forgetting to get your other a half a Valentine’s Day gift in advance, which usually results in a slapdash attempt at the petrol station on the way home, is one that isn’t uncommon. While chocolates, wine, flowers and teddies are all Valentine’s staples, there are more romantic people out there that like to surprise their loved ones with something even more special, where a trip to the petrol station is still a requirement! That’s right; the surprise weekend away is one of the most popular gifts for couples on or around Feb 14th – there will be a lot of empty fuel storage tanks around petrol stations this year!

Why the petrol station?

So, why are petrol stations so popular for Valentine’s Day gifts? For a start, they are easy, convenient and fast; a one-stop shop that can be accomplished alongside filling your car up, which is a plus for today’s ever increasingly busy society.

In fact, in the last few years, petrol stations have seen increased sales for chocolates and sparkling wine of up to around 30% – but the real increase was in flower sales, with as many as 150% more being sold in the lead up to valetine’s day.

How do they cope?

Using data and sales information from previous years, petrol stations (like other retail establishments) can predict sales trends and patterns, and order stock accordingly. Unlike other shops and supermarkets, petrol stations are an essential visit for many people at least once a week. So, as well as ordering extra bubbly, chocolates and flowers, petrol stations have to get their orders in for additional supplies to fill up their fuel storage tanks too.


Whether or not you like Valentine’s Day, and even with feeble protests claiming “don’t get me anything this year!”, people always love a surprise, and that includes the bombshell of a romantic weekend away! So, while our petrol stations up and down the country are preparing for the romantic rush and stocking up their fuel storage tanks, take advantage and do something a little adventurous for Valentine’s Day this year.

As the UK’s number one storage tank manufacturer, we could not be happier that tanks like ours get so much use on a daily basis. For more information on our range of products, or should you require details about a particular tank design, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you with your query.