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Here at Tuffa, whether it’s a chemical storage tank, a water tank or an oil tank that our clients require, they routinely wax lyrical about us after experiencing our highly personable and professional service, and receiving advice on the right storage tank for them from our seasoned engineers. Certainly, the evidence of our ability to cater for your own needs can be seen in the long list of ways in which we have catered for past clients, both in the UK and abroad.

Consider, for example, a logistics company in the South West that we recently provided with a 5200 litre red steel gas oil storage tank, as well as a 2500 litre AdBlue storage tank. Meanwhile, when a very well known bus company required a cost-effective means of storing fuel that it could use to fill its buses and coaches, it turned to Tuffa for a bespoke 15,000 litre fuel dispensing tank. This client requested a very high flow rate pump (approximately 150lpm), suitable filtration and a pulsed output flowmeter enabling the connection of the tank to an existing on-site fuel management system.

For the fuel tank of this latter client, there was also a large safety break coupling on the automatic shut off nozzle, as well as an Armco Protection Barrier surrounding the whole tank, ensuring its protection from impact damage in an undoubtedly busy location. But Tuffa is perfectly capable of providing even greater capacities, with one client obtaining a 30,000 litre capacity with the interlinking of two Tuffa 15000VB bunded fuel tanks. Both tanks requested by the client incorporated 600mm internal man way access and a large lift off lid on the outer tank, but otherwise largely differed in their specifications.

But Tuffa also recently manufactured an 81,000 litre bespoke white steel tank, with measurements of 11400mm (L) x 3000mm (W) x 2800mm (H). Other features of this fuel tank included an 850mm deep remote cabinet with heavy duty roller shutter door, a 2″ BSP fill point connection point, overfill prevention valve, 2″ bottom outlet and more. Tuffa’s recent international clients, meanwhile, have included a Scandinavian company that took delivery of two 20,000 litre bespoke tanks, each constructed with steel dished bases with central outlet and raised on support legs. We were also proud lately to supply two AdBlue tanks to a company in Asia, marking our first venture into this particular overseas market.

It’s difficult for clients to intimidate us with the desired specifications for a storage tank that they present to us, as we think is well-demonstrated by another recent order, for a steel tank with a simply staggering 96,000 litre capacity. A 6mm mild steel plate was used in the production of this tank, which was also fitted with channel runners and lifting lugs. New clients should not therefore hesitate to contact Tuffa ( about any of a wide range of requirements, whether it is chemical tanks, water tanks or oil tanks that they require.