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Industry experts know that a storage tank from Tuffa is going to be of the highest quality and can last a lifetime. Our tanks are so reliable that you can use them for almost anything, so we’ve been offering some unconventional designs to help you to get Tuffa quality into all manner of areas.

The Kennel

Who deserves a durable, waterproof, and spacious outside den more than man’s best friend? A Tuffa kennel is made by manufacturing one of our smaller tanks with a large, curved point of ingress for the dog to use as a door. The entrance is raised slightly, with a small projecting part above it, so that water won’t flow in when it rains. Nice and roomy inside, the Tuffa kennel is cool in the summer and warm in the winter – the perfect place for your dog to relax.

The Tuffa Kennel can be cleaned with a quick blast from the hose and is light enough to be easily moved from location to location. You can even use it for storage at the times of year when your dog prefers to stay indoors.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, this is fast becoming a customer favourite.

The Kabin

Tuffa hasn’t stopped at canine domiciles, as we’ve also gone ahead and provided a cheap outside retreat for you. Our Kabins came about when we improvised some for our employees attending exhibitions, and public interest soon demanded that we started making them available for purchase.

Rot-proof, windproof and showerproof, these cost-effective outdoor solutions incorporate either UPVC or wooden windows into a larger storage tank, providing you with a place for peace and quiet without the normal high price-tag.

Of course, you don’t just have to use it for relaxing. Customers have reported that our Kabins are fantastic alternatives to the traditional garden shed. For one thing, they’re easier to move and install, and they’re also hassle free, with mud and dirt rubbing easily off. Made of strong, thick plastic, you won’t need to worry about maintenance like you would with a wooden structure.

Our team love to talk about these innovative structures, so call Tuffa today for more information.