1350 Litre Adblue® Dispenser Tank


Weight (kg)190
Capacity (Litres)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)




Stock Code: 1350SLBFSAD

Note: volumes stated may be maximum and not a working volume.

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1350L Adblue® dispenser tank specifications

  • 230V external pump
  • 6m of ¾” delivery hose
  • Automatic shut off nozzle with an integrated digital flowmeter
  • Nozzle holster
  • 2” dry break coupling
  • Screened vent
  • Manual float level gauge
  • Inline strainer
  • Lockable flip lid
  • Pulsed outlet flowmeter – allows connection to a separate fuel management system.
  • Pump options – 12V and 24V pumps available.

1350L Adblue® dispenser tank benefits

  • Convenient forecourt-style Adblue® dispenser
  • Creates a stable environment for Adblue® solution
  • Comes with ancillary equipment
  • Bunded tank
  • Made from high-quality polyethylene
  • The nozzle is fitted with an integrated digital flowmeter
  • Optional extras are available including 12/24V pumps and a pulse meter to enable synchronisation with fuel management systems
  • Lockable
  • 20+ year serviceable lifespan
  • 10-year warranty (for registered tanks)

Our 1350 litre AdBlue® tank (approx. 300 gallons) is suitable for the storage and dispensing of AdBlue® solution. As our smallest capacity AdBlue® tank it is popular with a huge range of industries and companies running multiple vehicles including farming where AdBlue® dispensing is necessary but in a smaller scale to large hauliers. With a variety of optional extras this model can be adapted to your site requirements including the option of 12/24V pumping, perfect for sites without mains electricity.   The 1350 litre AdBlue® tank is bunded in accordance with the Environmental Agency recommendations & manufactured to AUS32/DEF guidelines. Rotomoulded using an extremely durable, UV stabilised & corrosion resistant polyethylene, this tank is hard-wearing with a life expectancy in excess of 20 years when correctly installed, used & maintained. We also offer a 10 year guarantee on this tank when registered.  For enquiries, prices and trade discounts please call 01889 567700, email [email protected] or use the online enquiry form.