1850 Litre Petrol Tank


Weight (kg)1050
Capacity (Litres)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)




Stock Code: 1850PT

A Petroleum Certificate from the Fire Officer will be required.

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Documentation is required, detailing any maintenance undertaken on the storage system; along with the fuel deliveries and usage. These records should be kept for 12 months minimum.

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  • Fire protective jacket on primary tank
  • 4” BSP fill connection with cap and chain
  • 2” 4.5m spark arrestor vent stack
  • Lockable access hatch
  • Plastic dipstick
  • Fork lift skids
  • Bolt down connections
  • Earth strap and rod
  • Powder coated paintwork: colour RAL 7047 Grey (tank and vent) and RAL 9006 Grey (lid)
  • Pump with inline strainer options: 230V, 12V, hand pump
  • 3m delivery hose and nozzle
  • Steel welded construction for primary tank and bund

*Please note, this system is not designed to be sited on a raised base, the tank must be sited at the same level as the delivery tanker.

  • Hand pump – for sites that have no access to power.
  • 12V pump – for sites requiring a quicker flow rate than the standard hand pump, and have access to battery power.
  • 230V pump – for sites requiring a quicker flow rate than the standard hand pump, and have access to mains power, providing a forecourt style system.
  • Flowmeter – a mechanical flowmeter with +/- 1% accuracy to measure the amount of fuel dispensed.
  • Pump cabinet – a lockable steel cabinet to house the pump providing additional security for your tank.
  • Top suction + dispenser plinth – 1 1/2″ top suction terminating with anti-siphon valve and dispenser plinth – replaces dispensing equipment and useful for those with existing dispensing equipment or who want to buy equipment separately.
  • Fire kit – although all petrol tanks are fully fire proofed, petrol remains a highly flammable substance. There is a statutory duty of care to ensure fire fighting equipment is easily accessible. The Fire Kit consists of two dry powder or foam extinguishers and fire bucket containing fire retardant material on a mobile unit.
  • Spill kit – areas where petrol is handled or stored should be provided with a means of controlling spills to prevent spreading to non-hazardous areas. We can provide a very effective solution consisting of a large, clearly labelled, 240 litre wheeled bin containing 8, 3 metre ‘socks’ filled with absorbent material plus 6 bags of loose absorbent material.
  • All tanks manufactured from only high quality mild steel
  • Design versatility to suit almost every site requirement
  • Minimum 110% bund capacity to comply with regulations
  • Only premium ancillary equipment is fitted
  • Servicable life in excess of 30 years (with regular maintenance)
  • Weatherproof
  • Bunded and Fire Protected storage
  • Designed and built in the UK
  • Safe and legal petrol storage
  • Secure padlock system
  • Easy fuel metering
  • Fork lift ready
  • Hydraulic lid

The 1850 Litre Petrol Tank (407 gallons) is our mid-capacity petrol tank suitable for any industry but popular with groundskeepers and in the marine sector. The primary tank and bund are constructed with a thick 3mm mild steel which topped with a 4.5mm steel durbar. An integrally fitted fire protected jacket is then wrapped around the primary tank. This makes our tanks extremely safe, strong and durable giving the tank a life expectancy of over 30 years when correctly installed, used and maintained. We also offer a 10 year warranty on this tank when registered. Our 1850 Litre Petrol Tank comes with a range of dispensing equipment from simple hand pump, mains 230V pump, 12V pump charged by your vehicle or a Hytek Alpha FC10 pump with fuel management system. Our 1850 Litre Petrol Tank is fully compliant with UK regulations and easy to install requiring only a solid concrete base and final electrical connection where required. For competitive RRP prices and trade discounts contact our sales team on 01889 567700, [email protected] or use the online enquiry form.