Tuffa Plastic Bunded Diesel Tank

Weight (kg)1330
Capacity (Litres)


Diameter (mm)


Height (mm)




Stock Code: 30000VBFS

Note: volumes stated may be maximum and not a working volume.

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Our 30000VBFS is comprised of two interlinked 15,000 litre plastic bunded tanks consisting of:


1 x 15,000 bunded diesel dispensing tank complete with:

  • 3″ socket for interlinking
  • 2″ BSP fill connection with cap and chain
  • Vent
  • External pump 230V
  • Mechanical flowmeter
  • 6m of delivery hose
  • Automatic shut off nozzle
  • 10 micron water and particulate filtration
  • Key switch – to operate the pump
  • Nozzle holster
  • FMS contents gauge and tank alarm 230V
  • Overfill prevention valve
  • Lockable Cabinet


1 x 15,000 bunded diesel holding tank complete with:

  • 3″ socket for interlinking
  • 2″ BSP fill connection with cap and chain
  • Vent


1 x interlinking kit consisting of a 3” PN16 flange enabling very simple connection of the two 15,000 litre tanks

  • K44 pulsed output flowmeter – to enable connection to an existing fuel management system. This replaces the standard flowmeter.
  • High flow output with hose reel – a higher output pump, filter and nozzle complete with an 8m x 1” delivery hose with reel which replaces the standard flow option.
  • MC Box fuel management – a Piusi fuel management system fitted within the lockable cabinet that allows up to 120 authorised users to dispense the fuel from the tank via pin code or a magnetic key system. In addition, the software provided means the system can also be connected to a PC for viewing the transaction data enabling better tracking and real-time information.
  • The same capacity as our large steel tanks with the premium ancillary equipment of our 15,000VBFS model all at the comparatively low cost and quick lead times of our plastic range
  • Forecourt-style dispensing and convenience
  • Manufactured to prolong the usable life of diesel
  • Fitted with premium ancillary equipment
  • Bunded in accordance with Oil Storage Regulations
  • Made from an extremely durable, UV stabilised, corrosion resistant and recyclable polyethylene
  • A range of optional extras available to customise the tank for your site requirements
  • Lockable cabinet prevents theft
  • Serviceable lifespan in excess of 20 years
  • 10 year warranty when registered