Effluent Tank

Effluent Tank

Weight (kg)140
Capacity (Litres)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


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  • 2 x 5″ inspection lids (wastewater entry point)
  • 1 x 12″ inspection lids (wastewater removal point)
  • 1 x 18″ inspection lid (wastewater removal point)
  • 4 x tank handles
  • 2 x Forsheda seals
  • Convenient lifting eyes
  • Internal bracing

Effluent Tank Linking Kit Spec: 2 x 138mm – 110mm Forsheda Seal 2 x 110mm Drain Plug

A septic unit designed to fit under portable cabins where mains effluent / wastewater drainage on site is not available. This tank fits perfectly underneath cabins of all descriptions. They are an excellent temporary effluent waste storage device. Wastewater tanks can be sited underneath toilet blocks, kitchens, canteens and welfare units. Tanks are space-saving and can ideally be stored on end.

  • Easily linkable to allow the creation of larger capacity tanks
  • Lightweight meaning it can be positioned manually without the need for specialist lifting and positioning equipment
  • Durable tank without the need for maintenance or  drawback of rust
  • Extremely weather resistant 
  • Easily cleaned with a jet-wash 
  • Short lead times

Effluent Holding Tank

This 2,300 litre capacity effluent storage tank is designed for portable cabins, toilet blocks, welfare units etc. where mains effluent drainage is not available. The ability to site these tanks underneath these structures means they are great space-savers and can be ‘hidden’ from sight. These tanks can be interlinked to achieve a higher capacity and make a great yet affordable alternative to steel effluent tanks which are being replaced.

Plastic Effluent Tank

We manufacture plastic effluent holding tanks using rotomoulding machinery and polyethylene plastic, a highly durable, UV stabilised and weather resistant material. Once moulded this creates a strong and extremely durable single unit with a long life expectancy. Our plastic effluent tank offers numerous advantages compared to steel tanks including being cost-effective, lightweight for easy transportation across the same site or different locations, and maintenance-free without unsightly rust. 

Waste Water Tank

As well as a dedicated under-cabin effluent tank, we also manufacture waste water tanks in capacities from 1,350 litres to 20,000 litres. Our waste water tanks benefit from the advantages of the same polyethylene plastic but offer vertical storage in higher capacities. These can also be interlinked to achieve a higher capacity where needed and are ideal for larger toilet blocks on constructed sites and other sites not connected to the mains sewers. Browse the website for our waste water tanks or contact our Sales team on 01889 567700 or [email protected].