Galvanised Water Tank

Custom made galvanised water storage tank

At Tuffa Tanks, we offer a bespoke service with the capability to manufacture a galvanised water tank based on your specific requirements, matching your dimensions and capacity. Our galvanised tanks are reliable, tough and longstanding, making them more than up to the job in hand – perfect for numerous applications, including industrial, agricultural and rainwater harvesting.

Please call our Sales Team on 01889 567700 or contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll design, produce and accessorise a galvanised steel tank to meet your exact needs.

Interestingly, our galvanised steel tanks have been used on the film set for British drama ‘Philomena’, starring Dame Judi Dench. We designed and manufactured a bank of bespoke tanks to be used at a film set depicting the laundry room of a 1950’s grand house, with thanks coming from the client for ‘doing such a great job’.

The client had specific requirements which we were happy to meet; the tanks were galvanised with curved edges and aesthetic rivets to replicate tanks used back in the 50’s. The client also requested a raised base to give the perception of the tanks being full of water. All tanks were delivered to the film set in Oxfordshire.

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We manufacture bespoke, custom moulded galvanised tanks in capacities up to 200,000 litres. We offer a full production service from design to installation on custom moulded tanks and storage containers. Furthermore, we are committed to the highest levels of customer service and quality control and rigorously test at every stage of production to ensure compliance with all current regulations.

  • Our galvanised water tanks enjoy greater longevity.
  • They require little maintenance.
  • Due to the above, there is a lower long-term cost.
  • In addition, a bespoke tank of this nature is truly reliable and boasts a tough coating.
  • Tanks can come open top or closed top, depending on requirements.
  • Sockets, flanges,
  • Galvanising is available on all of our steel tanks.