Rainwater Filters

Suitable for roof sizes up to 90m²

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Stock Code: FILT-RWH

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Rainwater filters are used to filter rainwater before it enters the water storage tank. We offer different filters depending upon roof size.


Our three highest capacity filters (up to 200m², 450m² & 800m²) come with a calmed inlet and overflow siphon. The calmed inlet releases water at the bottom of the tank which oxygenates the existing water to prevent it from stagnating. The overflow siphon diverts the excess water to drainage. this process also removes pollen from the water surface to keep it clean.

The rainwater filter collector is supplied with a universal fixing kit. It can be connected to any tank with a lid or other access point where you can reach inside the tank to tighten up the hosetail backnut.

Meets BS8515 and is suitable for all Tuffa water tanks.