Watchman Sonic

Electronic Remote Oil Monitor Reading Gauge

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Display: Bar graph level display, 10% tank height per bar. Early warning indication (flashing tank fill) at a predetermined height above tank bottom.


Max communication distance: 200m in normal ‘line of sight’ conditions. The effective range of this product can be influenced by external sources that may reduce the range of the transmitter or sensitivity of the receiver.


Power supply: Receiver: 150-250V, 50-60HZ. Transmitter: 3-voltlithium cell


Battery life: 3 years (estimated life)


Wireless com: 433 mHz. FM transmission. EN 300-220, FCC part 15.


Dimensions: Receiver: 50 x 55 x 35mm (not including aerial). Transmitter: 70 x 93mm.



Max and min operating temp (transmitter): Operating temp. Range -10° to 60°C. Operating humidity: 0-100%. Sealed airtight unit made from PP3317 UV stabilized.


Hole size for tank fitting: 32mm. 2″ BSP external thread adaptor

The Watchman Sonic Oil Monitor, an electronic oil level sensor remotely monitors the level of oil in the tank. A green transmitter is fitted to the top of the oil tank and an ultra sonic level measurement is transmitted to a level sensor receiver. This information is accessed via the receiver which is plugged into an electric wall socket within the home. A Watchman Oil Monitor will continually monitor the oil level and when it is below 10 per cent, the fuel dispensing pump symbol appears on the receiver as a reminder to order more oil.