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Police have noted an increase in thefts of domestic oil from tanks in rural communities. This is a perennial problem for owners of domestic oil tanks, but thankfully, there are solutions. For starters, all of our tanks come with lids that can be locked tight. But if you do live in an area with hardened criminals, are there any other precautions you can take?

Many of our models can be fitted with optional extras like a lockable cabinet, which provides an extra layer of protection, or you could install a key switch for the pump. The latter provides another lock that the thief needs to disable in order to reach the oil. If you have enough obstacles, taking oil from your property will be just too much hard work, and the criminals will move on.

Another impediment to the thief is the Armco Protection Barrier. Fitting this metal cage around the tank makes it harder to get to, and more difficult to tamper with. Better yet, try our high security steel cabinet for your domestic oil tank. Again the unit can be locked, and it has a metal shutter door. The only way crooks would be able to get in would be by welding their way through, or busting yet another lock. Made of steel, it makes any potential theft take far longer, and with greater effort.

Many of our domestic oil tanks also come with electronic level gauges, which allow you to monitor fuel use. This is important if you suspect a member of your staff of pilfering oil. Without making an accusation, you can check the rate of oil usage, and decide if any is being siphoned off. If the level is dropping unexpectedly, you can install a camera to prove the culprit was behind it.

When looking after your domestic oil tanks, there is one other trick that Tuffa can suggest. We also make sturdy kennels for guard dogs. Based on the design of our storage tanks, the burglar may not suspect an attack dog lives inside the metal cylinder, but on hearing a noise, a well trained dog will apprehend intruders. Being light, you can move it around your site to provide protection wherever it is needed.