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Ensuring that crops and plants have the best nutrition available is important – not just for them, but for us as well. One of the best elements to enable their growth is rainwater, which is not always available.

It is no secret that in the United Kingdom, we experience more than our fair share of rain. However, that does not stop us from going through extended periods of time without even a drop.

Although that is not a problem for those of us with water stored in tanks and water readily available through the tap, it’s a different story for our greens.

Rain Day

With Saturday 29th July being Rain Day, it is important to consider the positive effects of rainwater for our produce. While the water that we drink is cleansed and has been filtered to make it safe for consumption, added chemicals, and the lack of natural elements, mean that tap water is not ideal for plants.

When natural rainwater is used to water plants, they are being given the nutrition that they need to grow, which is vital for our planet. We need fruit and vegetables as part of our balanced diet, as well as plants for the good of the environment with so much focus having been placed on rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Make Use of a Rainwater Harvesting Tank

In order to give your plants and produce the nutrition, they need every day, investing in a rainwater harvesting tank takes away the reliance on those grey clouds. On days when the rain is falling, your tank will be filling up with water that can be used on dry days.

Harvesting rainwater will also save you money in the long run, reducing the need for tap water to replenish plants. Depending on how much water you might use from the tap or a hose, you can cut costs down significantly.

The Benefits

At Tuffa Tanks, we firmly believe in looking after the environment to ensure a better quality of life for ourselves and for the proceeding generations. We encourage self-sufficiency and manufacture tanks that will aid in reducing your carbon footprint and promote a healthy lifestyle.

If you would like more information on the benefits of a rainwater harvesting tank for your garden or business premises, please call our team on 01889 567700 today.