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For all of the in-depth development and manufacturing expertise that we show on a daily basis, here at Tuffa, we thought we’d draw further attention to some of the most specialised assignments that we have been asked to carry out for clients – and our success in doing so. Our ability to cater for a wide range of practical needs is not restricted to the sheer breadth of our basic tanks range, or for that matter to optional extras such as electronic level gauges, ball valves and filters.

Those that suspect that our fuel tanks expertise is limited to providing the most basic bunded oil tank, for example, may be interested to read of our reputation for biodiesel mixing systems. We enable customers to blend the new bio-fuels with normal diesels, courtesy of a completely new and innovative pumping system. Two holding tanks are required by the system, and depending on the quantities involved, these can take the form of two larger tanks each fitted with a 240 volt submersible pump, or two tanks within one bund – the latter saving on both space and costs.

The driver can easily input his required percentage blend mix via the computer control system, either manually or with a touch fob, meaning that the requirements of the manufacturers’ warranty are met. Two computer driven motor controllers are incorporated into the system, with these being compensated by an accurate metering system that controls the delivery pumps’ flow and speed. If these biodiesel mixing systems sound like they would cater for your own requirements, you are free to contact our technical team, or you may wish to investigate our other tanks online.

On the subject of fuel dispensing systems, another recent assignment involved us designing such a system of the highest levels of safety and efficiency for a leading Midlands Oil Distributor, which tops up gensets in some of the remotest areas for a national company. The system was to be placed, complete with a hose reel, on an Isuzu truck. We manufactured the mild steel tank on a bespoke basis, according to the exact desired specifications of the client, who could barely have been more satisfied with the result.

Such satisfaction is mirrored across all manner of clients who request anything from oil tanks to rainwater tanks from us, to a specification of their choice. One other recent client of ours, for example, demanded eight water storage tanks, each with a 20,000 litre capacity, for utilisation over two sites. Not only was Tuffa able to manufacture each tank with provisions for interlinking, but for any client, it can also arrange the on-site connection of such tanks as an optional extra, should they request it.

It shows, once again, the lengths to which Tuffa is willing to go for clients that have even the most obscure practical requirements.